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  1. We have a FULL SIM available NOW! 20,000 prims (or upgrade for 30k prims ask me more!) Estate Rights 18k a week or 70k if paid monthly Pay for a month in advance and we are offering a free name change on the sim to match your needs! For more information please contact Celestrea Vasiliov Elite Estate Sales secondlife:///app/group/e9110b64-0b94-07dd-5673-7ba8e8b45816/about
  2. If you are looking for a D/s match why not try a slave auction? Oh come on it isn't as scary as all that! The auctions last for 2 weeks in a silent format, high bidder wins a 1 week contract that YOU fill out with your kinds, limits, and what you are seeking in a relationship. We offer refund policies for buyer protection and options for private sales. This is not a forced rp situation, each person must agree to the terms and adhere to the contract. All information can be found on our website for more information. www.sensual-delights.com. We also offer a fun and educational training course geared toward subs (though Doms are welcome to take as well) completely free. The sim also features The Art Gallery Loft, The Elephant Photostudio, sim events, wedding and collaring ceremony venues, shopping and freebies. We are always seeking auction and event staff. Want to help others find a D/s match in this crazy world of SL come by and see if we might be the right fir for your SL employment needs! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sensual Delights/132/88/24
  3. Have you ever thought about working at a BDSM Slave Auction? Do you have what it takes to join a dynamic group of people that helps match Doms & subs? Sensual Delights is a Slave Auction & BDSM community nestled on a beautiful Sim. We are presently seeking: Auction Staff, DJ & Host Teams, & Discussion Leaders. If you have an affinity for the BDSM lifestyle, and think you would like to join us please apply @ http://sensual-delights.com/staff/staff-wanted. Come by today to check out the sim and see if this might be your next adventure! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sensual Delights/132/88/23
  4. 3 BRAND NEW Homesteads Available! 5000 prims a month Estate Rights 7200L a week or 28k if paid monthly Flexibility - No Covenant- set your own rules! - Full Estate Rights, take full control over your sim - Change sim ratings as you please - Terraform and adjust textures anytime - Change the name of the sim and location as needed (standard fees apply for these types of request) For more information or to reserve your new sim contact Celestrea Vasiliov Elite Estate Sales
  5. 🍒 Sensual Delights BDSM Community and Slave Auction 🍒 Has one as well if you are of a kinky mind........ Click Here : Sensual Delights Discord Invite!
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