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  1. For Mac users, there are two folders in addition to "Library/Caches/SecondLife" that should be deleted to do a truly clean install. Both folders are contained in the system library folder, which can be accessed from the Finder's "Go" menu. Hold down the option key while accessing the "Go" menu if you do not see "Library" there.

    1) Library/Saved Application State/com.secondlife.indra.viewer.savedState
    If your viewer crashes on launch, it may be due to a corrupted saved state. Deleting this folder should fix that.

    2) Library/Application Support/SecondLife
    If you are having a problem with only one of multiple avatar accounts, there may be an avatar specific setting that's corrupted. The viewer's Application Support folder contains global settings (such as custom windlights) as well as avatar specific folders containing IM chat logs, window positions and sizes, toolbar configuration, teleport history, etc. IM chat logs are named after the avatars with whom the chats occurred.

    If you are having problems with only one of your avatars, move or rename that avatar's folder from the SecondLife folder. The next time you log-in to that avatar's acount, the viewer will create a new avatar specific folder. If that avatar's problem has been fixed, move back only those files (chat logs for example) that you wish to retain. If the problem then re-appears, one of the files you moved back is probably the cause.

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