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  1. Scylla Rhiadra wrote: Love Leonoase wrote: And what exactly is "harmless consensual goofiness"? That's pretty subjective, I think. After all, is it "consensual" to say HELLO to somebody? No, so we need people who think that they are fit to make judgments and determinations about other adults to go around filing nanny reports in an effort to save the SL world. I think that my post, while it takes something of an indirect route to the heart of your OP, is entirely to the point, Love. And I think you know it, or you wouldn't have "wasted" as much time responding to it as you did. Well again, you are quite the little mind-reader, ain't ya. So let's get all "subjective" here, shall we? For instance, you seem to find "offensive" the notion that anyone should question your absolute right to do whatever you want to in Second Life. Instead of playing mind reader, why not just read and respond to what people actually say? Otherwise, you don't need ME to say anything, as you apparently can speak for both you AND me. I, on the other hand, find offensive the abuse of the language, and the use of waffle-words like "maturity" to conceal the kinds of behaviours that you think you should be allowed to indulge yourself in, no consequences, no questions asked. So you are actually spending your time, right now, talking about that you are offended, because someone suggested "maturity", and to the point that you have even concocted these wild notions of what I supposedly REALLY MEANT, instead of simply being the case where a suggestion was made that people should actually just act like adults, and simply hit the MUTE button or walk (or teleport) away, if they are really "offended" by another person, in Second Life - I rest my case.
  2. Ceka Cianci wrote: you seem to be in a bad mood..i think it's time for a plate of Get happy I have to admit, I'm a little disgusted and sick of the fact that so many of the "adults" in this day and age, are so mentally and socially immature and trifling. Don't know if virtual cupcakes is going to help, but thanks for the gesture.
  3. Chelsea Malibu wrote: Funny as I was just thinking about this yesterday when I saw the post on the girl getting reported for having a child height avi, or when I see someone ranting over copyrights that they do not own nor have any reason to be concerned about. It's almost as if the current world social climate dictates that you need to rat out your neighbor for anything you can find. In my opinion, the quality of individual has diminished a great deal over the past few years and most of us who came in when second life was a paid game, are gone. Today this world is filled with either bored (and boring) individuals who have little more to do than sit at home in their bathrobes, popping Prozak looking to find people they can "narc" on or compulsive masturbaters. Throw in we creative types and you pretty much have the current population of SL. These days I just avoid most of it and do not log in nearly as much as I used to. It's about creating, running my stores and chatting with old friends. Anything just to avoid the drama. I can't speak on the former population of SL, as I'm only 6-8 months old myself, but I HAVE noticed that SL seems to attract a good amount of "nerds"; People who seem to be quite handicapped when it comes to social skills, have an over-abundance of time to waste on completely WORTHLESS drama, and a propensity to "run to the principal" every time they get their feelings hurt. Much of the time, these types BAIT you into saying something that they can play the victim about. WTF?!
  4. Scylla Rhiadra wrote: Just a bit of an aside . . . I'm always amused by the way in which we use language to obscure rather than communicate, or to hide rather than reveal. That's interesting and all, but what in the world does that have to do with this thread - nothing. Take for instance that adorable little euphemism, "Adult." It would seem to imply that all activities and content so designated are somehow too sophisticated, too complicated, too "mature" for those under a certain age. I find this particularly ironic, as the vast majority of those things, in RL or SL, that we designate as "Adult" actually require remarkably little in the way of cerebral activity. Google for "Adult" rated materials online, and tell me that they require an IQ level even approaching triple digits, or a maturity level superior to that of the average 14 year old boy. As for SL . . .jumping on a poseball and pretending that you are going to be disciplined by Naughty Nurse Nancy is . . . sophisticated? Mature? "Adult"? Again this is fascinating stuff, but please quit your hijack. i find the use of the word "Mature" in this thread somewhat similar. What "mature" seems to mean here, mostly, is a willingness to completely overlook anything that anyone else is doing, while fervently hoping that no one will hold one responsible for the "Adult" (please see above) things that one is indulging oneself with. Thanks for your opinion and your mind-reading insights. How "mature" are we? Well, so mature that we cling desperately to our anonymity because we would die of shame if our activities were ever associated with the "RL" us. Who are you speaking about - yourself? Or are you saying that anyone that wants to interract in SL with anonymity is immature? Don't waste time answering, cause it has NOTHING to do with this thread topic. None of this is to suggest that people should be ARed, or even threatened with an AR, for harmless consensual goofiness. what a relief Really, it's just an observation on our use of obfuscation in language, and our rather pompous over-regard for the inviolability of our god-given right to behave like hormone-crazed teens. :matte-motes-smile: "Pompous"? You mean pompous like entering the middle of a thread to get on a soap box and talk about people you don't even know as though you are God and can read their every thought and motivation? THAT kind of pompous? And what exactly is "harmless consensual goofiness"? That's pretty subjective, I think. After all, is it "consensual" to say HELLO to somebody? No, so we need people who think that they are fit to make judgments and determinations about other adults to go around filing nanny reports in an effort to save the SL world. Seriously, this is exactly what I'm talking about. People like THIS inworld, who apparently have nothing better to do than to police the thoughts of others, and go dashing to the principal's office with a "report". Why is the Mute button even there?
  5. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: There have been very few occasions where I've felt the need to AR someone (griefer stuff at the club I used to work at, and elsewhere). There are simply times when it is warranted. Informing the other person of ones intention to AR them can be drama-inducing and childish, yes, although giving the other person the opportunity to check themselves before an AR is filed might in some circumstances be appreciated. Are you saying that nobody should ever file an AR, Love? Nobody's ever threatened to "report" me, but now I'm curious. What exactly are you doing that might prompt others to issue that threat to you? This is precisely the mentality I'm talking about. People SEARCHING for drama, and baiting to get some.
  6. Imnotgoing Sideways wrote: I have seen the Labbies act upon a false AR in a couple of events. It has happened to me once, long ago. I was banned under a pretty extreme accusation and simply rose high hell, asking about how my actions were percieved as the violation I was banned for. Lacking a reasonable response, the Labbies backpedaled and apologised for the error. ()y That is fortunate for you in that case, but what I find extremely juvenile and troubling, is that people can create drama, and then it's in the hands of some completely subjective judgment. That sucks pretty hard.
  7. AnthonyMann wrote: If it's not in the TOS, Linden Labs will stay out of it, including things involving money, etc. You are exactly right...."I'll report you" is usually an empty threat by a person too angry to think straight. As a club owner, I have people sending me IMs with cut and paste chat logs because some is 'telling lies about me' or some other personal altercation...I always tell them, I'm not your parent or your judge. (ie, I don't care about your personal drama, use the block button). Some folks get mad at this and leave my group or club and will not return. They think I am supposed to police up their personal problems. It's usually good that they go, drama seems to follow particular people. I think we share the same mature outlook. I just reviewed the TOS, and it looks like there is plenty of "wiggle room" for people to be babies/victims, and cry foul, and go "running to the principal". Just look at the "Harrassment" section of the Community Standards. "likely to cause annoyance or alarm"??? Heck, that could be construed from just about anything, and is completely subjective.
  8. I hear this card being thrown around a lot. I've seen it brought up on these forums, from other people who have either been threatened with it or made threats to use it, and I've had a couple people even threaten to use it against me. Speaking as a mature adult, the whole use of this "I'll report you" card is entirely childish to me. In a virtual world, where you can easily mute and TP away from people (or ban them if it's your own land), what in the world is the need to issue a "report" to Linden Labs? (Visions run through my head of two children, with one crying "I'm gonna telllllllll". ) So I'm curious, what exactly happens when one child decides to run to "tell"? And IF Linden Labs actually wastes their time dealing with these, is not an opportunity created for abuse, where people can simply lie and gossip about others?
  9. I know I'm late, but I wanted to say thank you guys/gals for the feedback.
  10. Just wondering if this is stuff talked about here, or anywhere on this forum, or perhaps a separate forum?
  11. I love cyber sims. I haven't experience a lot of them yet, but the few I have been to, not only have amazing graphics to look at, but I LOVE the ambience sounds. Is anyone familiar with the cyber ambience sounds I'm referring to, and can maybe direct me to where I can find them, to either download or listen to while at home or office? There is another sim which I don't have the name of in front of me (I'm at work), which has amazing far out cyber ambience sounds. It reminds me of "Journey through Inner Space", the old ride at Disneyland years ago (not sure how many oldschool heads might remember that haha). Thanks!
  12. MAN this site is hard to navigate.............. anyways, I found out how to find your old posts. Somewhere in the middle of the page, after straining your eyes, you will eventually find a link that says "view all". Good luck Side note - the font here is simply AWFUL. If you go to enlarge it, you can hardly view half the screen, without having to click and scroll to view the rest. Sheesh!
  13. "Recent Posts" doesn't show much.... I'm looking for older posts, where I created a thread, and some people gave really good feedback. Anyway to locate older posts, besides just recent?
  14. Hi Ricki, I admire you being able to be straight-forward and honest. You may also feel free to look me up in-world for assistance.
  15. And even your comment here Peewee, in order to see your comment, a person has to do an extra click to pull it up. Imagine a thread with various comments to various responses, and how hard/long it would be to attempt to view the thread. REALLY bad setup.
  16. Ok on my other thread asking about if I'm the only one having difficulty using and navigating the site, I wanted to create a post, simply to say thank you, to all the people who responded and shared an answer..... but there is no link to do so! There is a link to comment on a particular response, but why the heck is this there? All that does is just create more clicking, and make the thread harder to follow!! EDIT - APPARENTLY SOME OF YOU ARE UNAWARE, THAT THERE IS NO "ANSWER" BUTTON AVAILABLE, IF YOU ARE THE OP. HOW STUPID!!!!!!!!! Also, I tried the comments option, but after I posted a comment to someone, I could not see it. Even when clicking the comments link, it would not come up. But I think I get it now - this site has some really clueless people designing it.
  17. Exactly!!!! Like I couldn't even find a link to post a response right here on this thread! I was hunting for about five minutes to find out how to post a response! The "comments" link is completely counter-intuitive. What, is it too hard to have a "Reply" button, like every other single forum in the world??
  18. I have never seen a site so difficult to find anything. It's like the Winchester House or something. For starters, I can't even find my account, to be able to view past transactions and such. Then, even trying to ask a question, took me like ten minutes to figure out how to do it. Then, I'm not sure which of the rooms to place the question in, nor do I know how to find this question once I ask it, so I can even view the answers. Maybe it's just me?
  19. Ok so I'm just visiting after an absence of a month or so, and I'm seeing that the forums seem to be redone (probably a very good thing).... just wondering if the old General Discussion forum can still be viewed, as there was some good info in it. I'm guessing one of those internet time machines could be used, to view the web as it was in the past, but that might be difficult.
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