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  1. MY bad... I think the maturity level setting has changed. I see now that you have to select "general, mature and adult" if you want to view ALL categories. Personally I don't think this is a very consumer friendly setting, but at least I found it. I can NOW see all items. thanks
  2. I'm using Firefox as well. I've had the same issue happen on my computer at the office, as well as my computer at home. I suspect this must be happening with other people, because these are two entirely different computers, in different areas. So Merchants, you might want to be aware of this glitch. And I'm not sure how to file a "support ticket" myself.
  3. I have noticed a glitch, that prevents me from viewing all of the items listed on the Marketplace. It is NOT the "adult" or other category, as I have signed in, and selected to view all categories and up to Adult maturity level. I first noticed the glitch with one vendor, whom I know has many pages of items, but when I pulled them up, I could only see two pages of items. I just tried browsing the marketplace again, and have come across the same issue. I took a look at THIS item - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/KNG-EROTIKA-Leather-Pants-Boxed/2184762 At the bottom, there are at least SEVERAL similar items by the same seller. When I click to visit the store however, only ONE item shows up in the entire store. I've had this problem using two completely separate computers. Anyone else aware of this glitch? To all of you merchants, it is preventing customers from being able to see your products for sale.
  4. Many (or dare I say most) women in SL, dress in revealing outfits, showing off either boobs/rear or both. For those whom like to dress like this - Do you enjoy seeing men in similar style of dress (revealing)?
  5. Thanks for the feedback so far. Here is a blog I found, that some might enjoy - http://longsbestofsecondlife.blogspot.com/search?updated-min=2010-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-08%3A00&updated-max=2011-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-08%3A00&max-results=25 As for using the marketplace to browse, I think that's a very good idea. I tried that in the past a little bit, but was worried that many places wouldn't list their items on the Marketplace. I guess the good stores usually do though.
  6. You know it's amazing... Half the time you are making negative personal judgments about me, hopping up on a pedestal to make annoying condescending opinions that weren't asked for, but then the other half of the time you come with very helpful responses to my OP. I don't know what to make of that, but I strive to be a polite person who is appreciative of any helpful assistance. With that in mind - I thank you kindly and sincerely. That looks like an awesome thread.
  7. A friend took me to Avid Gothic Clothing a while back...... after a while, I really understood the difference between high quality clothing, and NOT so high quality clothing. Two questions - 1) Do you have any suggestions for quality clothing, similar to the quality level of Avid? 2) Do you have any suggestions on SEARCHING for quality clothing? With SO many different clothing shops out there, it's not very productive to just randomly go to one shop after another. It all just becomes a blur. Oh and I'm not looking just for "goth" style clothing, though I AM looking for male clothing. ty
  8. I'm surprised at the responses here. I have heard from a number of different sources that SIM owners can view all of the private IMs that take place on their land.
  9. Kelli May wrote: Love Leonoase wrote: Thanks Kelli, that was VERY informative! That clears up quite a bit!! I get what you're saying, because I started using facelights a few months back, and they DID make a huge difference. As for your 'attached lights" comment, I'm guessing that there is an option to disable this in your windlight settings, so that you can adjust for good lighting, without it doubling up the already existing facelights of others, which would make things TOO bright? More or less. The problem isn't with all attached lights, as a well-positioned facelight doesn't really cause problems of excess lighting with or without custom Windlight settings. It's the small but annoying number of people who wander round with multiple, over-bright facelights that mess up the view *regardless* of Windlight or other environment settings. By disabling attached lights (in the Advanced > Rendering menu in my viewer, could be elsewhere in others), nobody's facelights are rendered by my viewer. So when Miss Glowbug and her six 10m-radius floodlights wander into view, the scene isn't instantly washed out. ah.......... and TEE HEE at "Miss Glowbug"
  10. Gryphon Ronas wrote: That's pretty much it in a nutshell. You can tweak your windlight settings to perfection - but unless you take a pic and pass it, nobody will see that but you. As far as face and body lights go tho, the thing to remember is that they are usually omnidirectional. So if you have one that has a 10 meter radius and set to max intensity, it will not only light you, but everything around you as well - and light intensely at that. Another that many don't know is that these light systems that some sell & wear that use like a dozen lights are useless. They have more lights on them than the OpenGL system will even render. The best thing I ever discovered in a viewer is Develop>Rendering>Render Attached Lights. I uncheck that (it's on by default I think) and the world gets much better. As for how I see others? I see them rendered as evenly as I see myself, because my settings effect how I see their avatar too. Hint: If you are playing with the settings and you want to eliminate the harsh shadows that Default causes, gradually increase the Ambient light. That will give the effect of more scatter of light rays and fill in the dark areas. On many or most graphics cards, the LL default settings are too contrasty. You know your stuff here Gryphon. Thx again. When I have time, I will experiment, and report back.
  11. Lyra Blackthorne wrote: Windlight will adjust how you see the world and there are a ton of presets in your environment editor...the problem is that we all use different settings. So, what you might see is different than what someone else will see. This especially effects how you see your avatar vs how others see it; that is why sometimes you run across people wearing really bright lights and such...they are bright to you, but not to themselves. I mostly turn off windlight unless taking photos and even then if shooting in a studio, normally use inworld lighting systems vs windlight That fills in some blanks.... I've been with some peeps in the past, who were overly bright. They must have seen their own avi different to what I was seeing. So I take it the only thing that will make YOU look different to others, is an attachment like a facelight. Otherwise, you can adjust windlight settings like an expert, but the only one whom will get the benefits is you.
  12. Gryphon Ronas wrote: OK, I think you are asking why you can see the effects of windlight on the vendor pics, even though you do not have those setting in use? The reason for that is, windlight controls how light is handled when the scene is rendered. When you look at a pic in world, be it on a vendor or a snapshot, you are not rendering the scene in the pic. You are basically looking at a partial screen capture that shows what the person was seeing at the moment that they took the picture. When it becomes a pic, not a rendered scene, we all see it pretty much the same. Which begs the question of vendors with overlit blown out messes passing for product shots - but that's another topic. If you have to run with shaders turned off, it's probably not worthwhile to put a ton of effort into windlight, since one of the primary things it does is handle how the Atmospheric Shaders work. Where windlight really shines is when you are running full graphics - shadows. You can tailor the amount of ambient light to give the shadows the right level of contrast as rendered by your video card and shown on your monitor. A given setting will not necessarily look the same for everyone since we have so many different types of hardware. a HA! So basically, the lighting display settings of SL, are quite intricate, similar to how lighting settings with photography is intricate. In other words, it can make a TON of difference to adjust these settings.... and I'm guessing it's even MORE complicated, as you will have to adjust according to both your monitor, and your graphics card, in order to get the desired effect. NOW I get it. ty
  13. Kelli May wrote: Any viewer that supports Windlight (which I think is all of them now) will let you adjust and save settings to your preferences. In Phoenix, you'll find it under World > Ennviroment Settings > Environment Editor. You don't need any plugins or external packages. The reason they are sometimes used in photography is because the default SL light can be quite harsh. There are many ways around this, such as using extra light sources in world or reouching the photos, but Windlight lets you set a more diffuse and generally flattering light. You see this in the stores product shots because that's what the light source was when the pic was taken; you don't need to be using Windlight to see it. I use a Windlight setting similar to this that gives the impression of very subtle full-body lighting on everyone, as if they (and I) are all using very carefully balanced facelights. With 'attached lights' disabled this removes the problems of excessive face-lighting without losing the benefits. Thanks Kelli, that was VERY informative! That clears up quite a bit!! I get what you're saying, because I started using facelights a few months back, and they DID make a huge difference. As for your 'attached lights" comment, I'm guessing that there is an option to disable this in your windlight settings, so that you can adjust for good lighting, without it doubling up the already existing facelights of others, which would make things TOO bright?
  14. Ry0ta Exonar wrote: Yeah, I'm playing with them. My computer is very slow, so I usually have to turn off the shaders and if I use default windlight setting turning off shaders, it looks a bit too shadowy. (left : default, right : mine) Love Leonoase wrote: I recently read that they make a tremendous difference, and are the reason that many times the pictures of items you see at a shop inworld are much better looking than what you see when you put them on....... but this still begs the question why you can view them and see them as nice looking at all, before you've put them on? And why does it look of less quality on your avi, then it does on the wall of the shop? I'm not sure what you exactly mean. Some people might retouch the pics for ads with image editors so they look better just like in RL, others might not. Ryota, thanks for posting those pics. Wow, you can really see the difference!! As for the pics for ads, take ads for skins.... many times they look much better on the advertisement pic, than they do when you put them on. Like they will be much more vivid, for example. I was TOLD that the reason for this is Windlight settings. That might not be true though?
  15. Chelsea Malibu wrote: Your windlight settings are in your Environment option and have quite a few presets you can play with. There are even some installed for what you want to do. Each browser is slightly different in their windlight options so you may want to check the Viewers FAQ or Help to learn more. Furthermore, you can make you own and save it to your inventory or get one from someone else and when you click it, it will set your light to those settings. Thank you Chelsea :matte-motes-smile:
  16. First off, are these just simple display settings that you can adjust yourself, or do you NEED to download a plugin/package to adjust them? I recently read that they make a tremendous difference, and are the reason that many times the pictures of items you see at a shop inworld are much better looking than what you see when you put them on....... but this still begs the question why you can view them and see them as nice looking at all, before you've put them on? And why does it look of less quality on your avi, then it does on the wall of the shop?
  17. Due to my SL viewer suddenly crashing every time (and also others telling me Phoenix was better), I switched to Phoenix.... I notice however, that while my saved textures appear in my inventory, when I try to open them, nothing comes up. Are pictures/textures created with SL incompatible with Phoenix?
  18. All I know is that my SL Viewer was working fine, until 2.76 (or something like that), and now it crashes and burns every time. I've cleared out the Application Data Folder and uninstalled, and tried previous versions of 2.7, and crash every time. Perhaps 2.8 will work?
  19. A lot of people suggested Phoenix Viewer to me. Not Firestorm, but Phoenix 1.5. So I download it, and try it. It's ok, but it'll take some getting used to. At first, there were no problems, but after a few days, my SL viewer is all the sudden doing nothing but crashing, and HARD! I'm now getting a blue screen from the SL viewer crash. I remember someone telling me that these two viewers conflict, and that is what causes problems. Do any of you techies know if this is most likely the case? thx EDIT - I'm hitting edit here, because I cannot find a link to add a reply.... I was going to ask how I can separate the cache. I was also going to say thanks for the feedback, and I will try this new Beta version. My SL viewer was working fine for months, and now it is crashing like never before.
  20. Thanks Ossian, yeah that's what I was talking about.
  21. Courtney Sinister wrote: It was not primarily meant to be a survey, but a way to discuss a real issue. There is a fair amount of conflict going on out there around what sl is and what it should be. I thought this might help people talk about it. Every day I see sl being pushed toward being a social network. Every day I hear arrogant asses saying "It isn't real!" "You can't really touch!" It has certainly gotten more that way since I started in 2007. Your comments about how people don't fit one number on the scale seem to eerily echo my coments when I said the exact same thing. You could have just used cut and paste in fact. No one is trying to pin you down. I based this roughly on the Kinsey scale, which is also not meant to be something that identifies a set permanant number for everyone, but which has turned out to be a very useful tool for discussing sexuality. I agree with you. I've seen a lot of tension and bickering between people who have these differing viewpoints on SL, and a lot of it is because one person doesn't understand that another viewpoint can be had legitimately. Once an argument or debate starts, instead of any productive exchange, it just turns into a war over which one is "better", and that is like saying which piece of art is better than another (subjective). Personally, I see WAY more "immersionist" stuff in SL, verus towards augs. I'd personally like to see more RP or themed sims, with an allowance towards voice. I personally like a mix of things.
  22. Courtney Sinister wrote: You see it all the time, some people won't share rl, others say that is silly. Some ask rl questions on meeting, others resent it. Still others wonder what the fuss is about. I'm convinced it is because there are 2 archetypes of sl use, and many shades in-between. I call my way of measuring this the "Immersion Scale." Imagine a line with numbers along it. At one end is the number 1, at the other, 10. 1---2---3---4---5---6--7---8---9---10 Pure ones would use sl only as a social network. Their avatars are not "them" in any sense, even in a pretend one. They are merely placeholders for their rl selves. Ones don't roleplay, are free with rl info, voice often, and expect contact with sl friends outside of sl. They often think those near the other end are "fake" and have no rl . Pure tens use sl as a "second life" and immerse themselves in it. They are almost always "in character." They resent being asked about rl, "become" what may be a VERY different sl self when in-world, and may seldom voice. They think ones on the line lack imagination and do not understand the wonder of sl. Most are somewhere in-between. Some are one type in one area of sl, and other types in other areas. For example, at a beach you might be just saying hello and asking where people are from and their age, then you might go to a club, wherfe you dance as your immersed self, but with frequent breaks from that into rl information about what you are doing or how your friend's work day went. Later still, the same sl user might go to a roleplay sim and totally immerse in their rl self. Nevertheless, I find I can usually find a useful spot on the line for people I know, and it helps me understand them and how they feel about sl issues. I'm a 7. What are you? First off, you should get major props for this thread. Thank you for making it. This should be a standard introduction for people joining SL. I am just now understanding this concept, and how important it is in regards to how various SL people relate to things, and I'm 6 months old. I DID have people telling me a little about this before, but it was done in an extremely biased way, and thus I rejected it. The way that YOU just presented it was completely objective, and that makes it a useful learning tool for everyone. I lean towards the "augmentation" side of things, though I see the appeal of immersion. One thing I don't like about immersion and text, is that you can very easily be setup for drama/bait&switch with it, and if you are doing text, there is a written record of everything you say. Maybe it's just me, but I don't feel as comfortable talking freely when someone is essentially recording my every word. I'd think it's pretty normal for folks to be extremely careful and contrived about what they say, knowing that every word is being recorded, and could later be used agains them. Oh and I'd add that "augmentation" doesn't have to be strictly about "networking for RL". The same way you can play and engage fantasy with immersion and text, you can engage play and fantasy with augmentation and voice. I think a lot of people don't understand, that when you are speaking with someone you do not know, it IS basically "fantasy", and this provides all kinds of opportunities. Shy/insecure people seem to struggle and resent this, when in fact, it could be a great tool and help for them, to come out of their shell.
  23. LOL! I know exactly how you feel. Like there's this big party goin on, and you're missing it. hehe Sometimes you can just IM one of the people on your radar, and find out what is up, and sometimes they will TP you. I also heard there were these certain types of boots available, that enabled your avi to fly to any height. Anyone know where these can be purchased?
  24. Scylla Rhiadra wrote: Love Leonoase wrote: So you are actually spending your time, right now, talking about that you are offended, because someone suggested "maturity", and to the point that you have even concocted these wild notions of what I supposedly REALLY MEANT, instead of simply being the case where a suggestion was made that people should actually just act like adults, and simply hit the MUTE button or walk (or teleport) away, if they are really "offended" by another person, in Second Life - I rest my case. Actually, I've asked you very directly 'what you mean." And, surprise surprise, you have once again dodged the questions. Let me put them to you again: Are these, in your view, behaviours that are legitimately ARable? 1) Sexual Age Play? Yes or no? 2) Racism, either in language or through role play? Yes or no? 3) Deliberate fraud? Yes or no? 4) Non-consensual abusive language and behaviour? Yes or no?  See? Just answer these directly, and I'll have no need to mind-read. Or, again, you could answer Griffin's question. I think my OP was pretty clear, and NO, you did not ask me what I meant, you concocted this wild notion of what you THINK I meant (in addition to making other presumptions about me). Perhaps you can issue an AR report based on your mind-reading abilities about me, and what I am apparently thinking? Just a suggestion.
  25. Scylla Rhiadra wrote: ACK!!!! No you don't. Except for the hunky bare-chested thing, of course. And I've actually spoken to Dres in-world. And he didn't call me out on his blog. And, and, and . . . Dres posted right after my first post on this thread, so I think that's why. *facepalms in shame and humiliation, and wonders if she should just shut up now* I realize the both of you probably have an EXTREME amount of idle/free time on your hands, but have you ever considered that maybe you should take this jibber jabber to private IMs or something? I mean, while you're giving lectures about "appropriate behaviors" from people and stuff? Just sayin.
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