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  1. Hey Love Zhaoying, I guess SL can be a quite lonely place for many of us, especially after a period of absence. Time seems to move much faster in SL, and things change so rapidly as well.
  2. As some others suggested, maybe we should set a date and time to all meet up. I live in the UK, and I returned to SL about a month ago after two year absence. My real life circumstance kept me away from logging in. I am in SL to explorer, take some pictures, socialise and relax. If you are interested to hang out and just chill out with me, send me an in-world IM.
  3. I have recently returned to SL, and I am on the same boat as you are. I am also looking to make new friends to hang out and chat with. If you are interested, IM me in-world.
  4. Thank you for all responding to my post. I am still waiting to make even more friends, so please feel fee to hit me up in-world. Thanks!
  5. I have recently come back to SL as well. I live in England, so if you are interested to just chill out together, give me a shout in SL.
  6. Well, I currently live in England. I have lived in three countries so far in my life (Japan, US and UK). I speak English and Japanese fluently. I had been away from SL for an extended period of time because of what was going on in my real life, but I recently came back. Since I was gone for such a long time, I really do not have any friends in SL right now. I am an adult and just looking for someone to chat and hang out with.
  7. Hello all, I have recently come back to SL after an extended period of absence, and I am interested in making some friends. I am interested in exploring, socialising and relaxing. I like all kinds of music and art, and I started taking some pictures in SL. I speak English and Japanese fluently, and I am half Japanese. I am an adult who is looking for mature, like-minded people, who might be interested in hanging out together and chilling in SL. If you are interested, please give me a shout in-world. I will be looking forward to hearing from some of you.
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