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  1. I came here to post about the fix, but i see that Profaitchikenz Haiku above has already mentioned it, thank goodness. Too bad I didn't find this before I spent one of the worst SL days ever trying to ask for help and to fix it myself. All I was finding when I was searching previously was old postings from over 4 years ago. I should have looked in the Most Recent postings, but I thought it was a problem that was just affecting me since I hadn't logged in for a while. To recap, the sync would never complete, and new items could not be added until it was complete, so it said. Some areas of
  2. Many of the newest viewers suffer from 1) Sudden Freezes 2) Memory Holes which cause them to get slowwwwwwer and slower after using for a few hours 3) version 1.23 is extremely dependable if you don't require mesh, and has the excellent classic U.I.
  3. My version 1.23 stopped working on Windows this week too...
  4. This. And also I am trying to find out if LL officially blocked the 1.23 version this week, because I was able to use it in some situations (where I didn't have the latest hardware) until this week.
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