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  1.  Destination Guide listed - 16,352 sq. meters - L$81,500 or best offer. The Silver King Grill is a true roadside attraction. Located at the northern apex of Route 2 on the Atoll continent, this legendary hangout has touched the life of thousands of avatars over the years. Now this prime mainland roadside is available for a very reasonable price. Land sale includes full perm restaurant, stage, streets and ownership of Silver King group, currently 436 members. There is no obligation to use or keep any of the objects. If you are truly interested in maintaining the build, I would consider a discount. Another 1/4 region of land in this region is soon to be available. First choice of additional properties will go to the buyer of this centrally located parcel. See on map
  2. I am trying to determine the size of SL in square meters. I once read the total area was comprable to the real life city of Boston. Is that true?
  3. YUCCA - 51,712 sq. meters (11835 prims) of lovely green countyside on the northwest coast of the Atoll continent. Protected land includes over 200 meters of railroad frontage on both sides with a end-of-line station to be completed by new owner. Southwest side features roadside route 2. The hillside offers panoramic views overlooking 3 adjacent water sims. L$98,500 Yucca Railroad Frontage
  4. I sell wristwatches. Almost all of my inventory became unlisted over the weekend due to using forbidden words. The offending text turned out to be "Time zone control", used as one of the features of my watches. I found that by changing the featture to simply" Time zones" I could successfully list the items.
  5. This remote hillside parcel is 30,208 sq. meters with over 200 meters of SLRR frontage -- on both sides! The protected land is end of the line for the SLRR Northern expansion and paving terminus for Route 4. Purchase includes an optional, full-perm railway station. This is an opportunity to work with SLRR to develop a showcase railroad destination. Yucca Railroad Station *The northern half of this region (22,000 sq. m) is also available. A reduced price will be offered to the buyer of the Southern half before set for sale to anyone.
  6. Make sure anti-alias is off to make a crisp selection. Anti alias blends the selection with the background. Make your document background black to avoid a white outline.
  7. I seem to recall reading it is an additional $95, so it would be $290 for 131,072 m2. Is that correct?
  8. Darn it! I have been using that old laptop for eight years. I knew this day was coming, I guess its time to upgrade. Does anyone know if the problem with the newest mac os has been fixed?
  9. I have been using an old Mac Power PC notebook to log on alts using Viewer 1.23.5 until today when I receive a manditory update on log in for version 3 viewer, which does not support Power PC processors. Is this change permanent?
  10. Her profile says they are gone forever. Does anyone know what happened?
  11. I am a merchant who sells mainly wristwatches. Last month while I was taking pictures of some new models I received IMs from an avatar who claimed to have copied the watches, demanding money to prevent widespread distribution of free copies. I filed an abuse report, banned and muted this avatar. He returned as an alt and repeated the threats, claiming to have copied additional merchandise. Since reporting, banning and muting the second alt he has attempted to contact me through third parties on four occasions. His actions are in retaliation for me banning him from a popular hangout for extremely rude behavior towards women. During communication with him I found him to be a huge liar who would say anything. Because of that I am not completely convinced that this person actually copied the watches. I demanded to see the copies but he has not produced any. Nonetheless, his avatar is over a couple years old and seems fairly capable. So my question is: Has anyone received a new free watch lately? The copybotted models are men's silver watches, mesh, with black faces and silver hands. They look like https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Heavy-Mesh-MB413-for-Men-with-Stopwatch-from-Watch-Shop-Watches/4268322 and https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Heavy-Mesh-Watch-MX39-with-animated-gears-stopwatch-and-more/4145425 If you have seen any free or low price copies, please contact me. It's my understanding that scripts cannot be copied, only prims and textures. At least I can take some comfort knowing that the copied watches are broken.
  12. Is it the same for all viewers? Is it the same as places?
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