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  1. Yeah a few friends and I have been saying this is a little trashy. I mean if it happens then it happens, and that's one thing. However, if you go into SL looking for someone to date RL and hook up with that is just so wrong.
  2. So here's what probably happened.... James' wife or girlfriend in RL (that's real life) found out about his SL account, that's second life. She probably made him delete the account or told him if you talk to another chick I'm going to leave. James probably likes real life girlfriend and the things she "gives" him more than talking to someone online. Most men do. For me, personally, I would cut my losses and move on. I know it's hard, it really is when you fall for someone that you do not know, however take this as an example and learning experience that just because you talk to someone and thi
  3. I've always had good things to say about both. Though the real question is are you going to rent or own? If you're looking to buy mainland from LL by all means I would say have at it. Mainland does however tend to have some undesirable neighbors and some questionable design options from neighbors. Estate you'll have more control over the land, no matter if you rent or buy it yourself. The cost to buy estate yourself is going to be expensive though.
  4. This has been an ongoing issue for a really long time. It's gotten super annoying, specially when your job involves voice. TPing to another location and relogging normally seems to work, but sometimes it's just the voice servers messing with us I think
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