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  1. We are looking for designers that would like to place their Halloween products in booths to sell during the event. I will send a nc inworld for info later today
  2. Ali&Ali Designs will be hosting their annual Halloween Shopping event this year beginning October 26th to November 26th and we still have some slots open for Designers! We just ask to stick with the theme as best as you can and have fun! We do have a notecard with complete information. Feel free to IM or send NC to Alice Klinger or Celestria Niosaki to request a copy or you can come and grab one at one of the open vendors. If you have any questions feel free to contact Alice Klinger inworld. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wonderland Beach/101/129/23 Have a great day!
  3. Does anyone know of any designers in SL that sell makeup for LAQ heads? The only makeups I ever run into are for Genus, Letlutka, Catwa, etc. Nothing so far for Laq. I refuse to change my head because I love it. If anyone could point me in a good direction I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance 😁
  4. Property Search is currently looking for an experienced Sales Manager to join our team. We are looking for someone who has experience as a sales manager or extensive SL sales/customer service experience, creating sales plans, social media, hire and train a team of land sales agents, ability to communicate with senior management and other duties as assigned. Applicants must have basic skills in SL, can be flexible on availability and spend a good amount of time inworld. Salary will be discussed during interview. Please send a notecard with your experience and availab
  5. Property Search is currently seeking Land Sales Agents. Our agents are the face of our company. We are looking for enthusiasm, professionalism and dependability. Experience in any customer service or sales role is a plus but we will provide training. All applicants will need to have basic skills in SL. Serious applicants only please. Pay: L$500/wk plus commission. Bonuses are available. Send a notecard detailing any experience you have along with your availability inworld to Celestria Niosaki. Thank you
  6. Property Search is currently looking for an experienced Marketing Manager to join our team. We are looking for someone who has experience with creating marketing plans, social media, advertising inworld, hire and train a team of marketing associates. communicate with senior management about marketing initiatives and other duties as assigned. Applicants must have basic skills in SL. Salary: L$2000/week with bonuses available. Please send a notecard inworld with your experience and availability to Celestria Niosaki.
  7. I'm sure this has been asked many times here or there but I'm not in the mood to search for it. I'm looking for someone that has a good amount of experience in creating tattoos in SL. I'm interested in 2 tattoos, one of my name for my partner and his name for me. I have a Maitreya Lara mesh body and he has a SLink mesh for men. I will always take ideas for design of the tat. If you are interested and can show me what tattoos you have created contact me and we will talk about price. I'm not cheap and not looking for cheap. Please contact me inworld with either a NC or if I'm online an IM.
  8. I put in an application as indicated through your post. The only response I recieved was from a MzLadyT iming me "Hello hun". I responded and recieved yet another "Hello hun" and then no response. Would be nice to have more than Hello hun as a response regarding the positions available. If you are serious about hiring please IM me inworld regarding my application I put in through your website. Celestria Niosaki
  9. Yea I am. That is another issue too lol because the new IMac's don't have nvidia drivers and I have heard that AMD/ATI doesn't work very well for SL. My current Mac has nvidia and is about 3 yrs old so a new one is in order just kinda eh about the drivers they use now. I may have to go back to being a pc user :smileyindifferent: Thank you for the reply
  10. When I tried a mesh shoe demo I put the alpha on (the only alpha my avie had on) and yes the whole avie went transparent with the exception of prims such as hair. It's weird. I thought maybe it was due to having too many alphas on but my avie did not have anything on (i tried while naked). I thought it may be because it was a "demo" so I tried on a pair of regular shoes that require an alpha and same thing happened.
  11. I plan to shop for another MAC very soon and kind of worried about SL and this new IMAC. I keep reading about AMD/ATI not a good graphics card. This is the one I may be considering: http://store.apple.com/us/configure/MC309LL/A?select=select&product=MC309LL%2FA Can anyone tell me if it will work well for SL or a waste of money? If so any ideas on the best desktops for running SL would be greatly appreciated. I don't build alot but I do so enjoy being able to have things rez nicely in SL without lagging like crazy. Thank you! Celestria
  12. Okay lately I have had some real problems with both Firestorm and V2. I downloaded V2 again and my graphics are better but with either viewer when I "wear" or "add" an alpha my avie disappears with the exception of the prims. This happens mainly with anything mesh. I read on another forum about "dual displays" and I have no idea what that means but I don't have SL running on 2 anything. It is the same problem for both viewers. If anyone has an idea on how to improve this I would greatly appreciate it. Celestria
  13. Are you friendly? Are you energetic? Do you like to have fun? If your answers are "yes", then we have the job for you. We are hiring for the following positions: HOSTS: If you're friendly, energetic, can send notices, like to have fun at work and are dependable. Visit Mystic Bliss Inworld or send NOTECARD ONLY (IM's CAPPED) to Layla Wylie and Celestria Niosaki. DANCERS: If your friendly, energetic and like to have fun at work, Visit Mystic Bliss inworld or send NOTECARD ONLY (IM'S CAPPED) to Layla Wylie and Celestria Niosaki. ***ADULT SIM! MUST BE AGE VERIFIED AND HAVE AWESOME PER
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