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  1. Ratmaw(32.240) 2048M Flat land L$2,000
  2. Many thanks all. As I am not on SL as much now reckon it will be better if I just terminate my Premium and dispose of my land (it only cost L$3,000). I have rented before and can do so again in due course.
  3. I purchased land at auction some time ago and pay tier to LL as well as my Premium membership. I want to cease Premium membership. Can I keep my land ( and pay tier ofcourse)
  4. I checked on Land that there were no items owned by others and no nearby neighbours. However a friend with more SL tech knowledge than me waved it away. Thanks for advice.
  5. Yep I have had mine removed by a friend with more tech knowledge if SL than me !
  6. Can not delete a weird particle on my land. There are no objects owned by anyone else (checked) The revolving blue and white "balls" are annoying. Any advice welcome
  7. Can not delete a weird particle on my land. There are no objects owned by anyone else (checked) The revolving blue and white "balls" are annoying. Any advice welcome
  8. Magadski Adamski


    How do I grant another resident permission to use my land or items
  9. Having been a Resident for 5 years (second tour!) my time to spend on SL is now limited by other interests However I am extremely annoyed that if I revert to Basic then I lose land that I legally purchased via auction for L$3,500 i think. .While I will keep the 12,000 odd items in my inventory it seems I (and any one else whose RL time is important,) will lose the major item 4096 m of land. This unfair policy should bde changed.
  10. Thank you Amethyst. Problem solved. Trashed SL and reloaded. Must have that old version for 4 years! regards Maggs XXX
  11. Why have profiles changed? I cannot even readf muy own. Just a wierd billboard Or am I missing an update ?
  12. Any way SL or Firestorm will run on HP Pavilion 11x360 Win 8,1 and Intel (R) HD ? will
  13. I own 4096m land purchased at auction. Now find a Friend can not rezz items although she has full "Permissions" Advice please
  14. I need a SL recommended card on my laptop. and could not run it on mny PC which has a Radeon 3500 BUT I found I CAN run iton the PC if I log in with Singularity. NP
  15. Well I have recieved numerous "Updates" recently that last a short while ago. Linden labs needs to do more than tweak things. Lag and rezzibg are now almost unbearable. Having been on SL 5 years it has never been so bad When the next convention is held - if ever - there will be many questions asked. We need to vbe told what the problem is and what Linden Lab are doing to resolve it. 0
  16. Agreed The update today has forced me gto use Firestorm. No problem there with nmy Avatar¬
  17. Amazed we can only access 30 days. I am currently taking up as great desl of Lindens' time trying toresolve a missing inventoryproblem whivh may be resolved if i could download my last year ofr transactions Premium members expect this sort of facilityt
  18. On rented land. An annoying green square has appeared near the ground.About a metre in length it is "see through" and clicking on it does not give a description but just the usual " Land" detail. Neither I or my Partner who has Permissions can delete or move it. Other items can be drawn thtough it as if it did not exist. Any ideas on what this is and how it can be - some sort of Phantom ?
  19. Magadski Adamski

    L$ land auction

    Trying to bid for land but cannit sign in ti auction site
  20. Me too after loading "New" (?) version of SL cannot login on SL or Firestorm must have tried 20 times and Region not found - either last or home
  21. My sound/voice in RL OK. On all viewers silence. Checking Preferences shows all audio slots in Red but computer speakers indicate OK How can I correct situation?
  22. Sound and mic work perfectly on my PC and laptop but i can not get a peep on Viewer, Phoenix or Firestone, On PIreferences in all cases the audio is red.although ticked My computer speakers are clear - no red warning. this has gone on for some time SL without sound is useless
  23. Cannot find Debug settings on Asdvanced.. nit technical anyway lol. UIt is only on SL Viewer that i have the problem.not on Phoenix?Firestone. Seems to me an occurrence which should not happen- like particle clouds!
  24. I have Beacon lines crossing my Avatar.. how can I clear them This does no happen on Firestorm
  25. having abandoned my Linden Home cannot get a new one..links not reponding
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