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  1. I think the Linden realms was a good idea initially. The problem is there hasn't been much followup. Large areas are broken no matter which portal you access. Some have been broken from the onset and never repaired. The other part which never had any followup was the use of scripted speed enhancers which the rules of the game state are illegal to use in the realms. Theres been no enforcement so you end up with a comparitively small number of people making it useless for anyone else to play so the end result is residents being yet more frustrated with Linden Labs. In a game such as this one there needs to be at least a little attention given after the grand opening fanfare. Even if once a week for a few hours a Linden would randomly roam the realms, addressing those cheating.. perhaps banning for a few days, I think the word would get out and it could be considered a successful project.
  2. Complaining in SL is sort of like an addiction. Sometimes fueled by the development of a recent problem or issue. Other times for the sake of.. the addiction. But, if any of you take out a CD of any software you've purchased.. you'll read a disclaimer clause much the same as Linden Labs has. What!!?? Oh No!! It can't be!! .. It is. But really, in the course of lets say a year, how much do the actual losses amount to? Ten bucks? A hundred? In most states anything under $2,500 lands you in small claims. Where all the attorneys in the world won't do you a bit of good. Your on your own there. No legal representation involved. You can bet Lindens will have a quite skilled representitive in place. Their a company, it works that way. You could also gather a collection of merchants together and file a class action suit for all those hundred or so bucks a year in losses. Even combined, whos going to pay for the attorney? If you can get it out of small claims court and get a class action suit accepted by the judicial system ( Stroker Serpentine managed to but we saw how well that was going. And he had a good copyright infraction case! He was lucky it went down the way it did at the end) .. once again.. whos going to pay all those legal fees? And if you lose? Your responsible for all of the legal expense the Lab incurred. Even divided among the class action participants, that'd be a hefty chunk. Not to mention your own atty fees. Doing business always comes with its hidden expenses. If your a grocer or even WalMart, you have theft and shrink. You have the person who slips and falls and the world as you know it is comikng to an end. So you carry insurance for just such cases. What I never seem to see mentioned is what Linden Labs does give you. A tool and environment in which you can create your pretties and market them. All bundled into one package. Someone mentioned their creating the wheel and its true. They are. The ride is going to be bumpy, and smooth, and bumpy and at times very bumpy. Being in business in SL not only is risky, it also carries those unexpected expenses and has hurdles to overcome, just as being in business in much of anything. The difference is SL has forums to vent into. Filled each day with venting.
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