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  1. Thanks for the quick response. Can I just say that it IS required of Europeans, I'm not in the US I'm in the UK. and my problem is not the fact that this information has been requested but the short time they have given me to provide it. I have enquired about an identity card and was told it would take 4 - 6 weeks. So, it looks inevitable that my account will be put on hold. I'd just like to know how long it will take to reopen my account once LL have received the information. I've read on some forums that some people have had a lot of difficulty getting their account back.
  2. After requesting a transfer of Linden dollars to a Paypal account I received an Email from LL stating that they couldn't proceed with this request until I verified my account by sending them a government issued photo ID. I don't hold a driving license and my passport had expired. Despite having no prior warning about this request I have been given just one month to provide this information. As I'm not able to do this within that time I sent a ticket requesting more time but all I received was a notification saying that unless this information is received by LL by 14th July my account and all pending transactions would be put on hold. As I can't get any extra time to provide this information my question is: If my account is put on hold, how long after they have received the information they need will my account be reopened? and what will happen to the pending transaction? I think LL are being unreasonable in sending an email demanding this information in such a short time without any prior warning.
  3. Some reviews are just ridiculous, I got a one star bad review from someone who couldn't get one of my appliers to work, after I contacted them I discovered that they were trying to apply it to a standard avatar, even though my ad made a point of saying they only worked with mesh avatars, sigh. I flagged it but don't know if it will be removed
  4. I wear a Maitreya body and Logo head with WOW skin applier. I struggled for ages to get rid of a hairline join in my neck, then I realised that the skin I was wearing underneath on my standard avatar was a lot darker than the skin on my mesh avatar. Even though the gap was miniscule, because the underneath skin was so much darker, it showed as a hairline join. when I changed the color of this skin to one that was close to the WOW applier skin, the join disappeared. Also, if you're wearing a mesh head make sure to uncheck neck join on the maitreya hud.
  5. I have just flagged an unfavorable review on one of my items. I am selling a mesh gown, complete with hair jewellry and ear cuffs, as an added extra I put in a pair of system gloves that I thought looked good with it. I clearly state twice in the description that the gloves are system, not mesh, and no appliers were available. The one star review said the customer was disappointed that i had forgotten to put in the appliers, ummm no, you, the customer, forgot to read the description. So unfair to get a bad review on an excellent product that I worked hard on. If a customer gave a bad review for a good reason, I would do everything to put it right or remove the item and refund the customer. grrr sorry for the rant but I am angry.
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