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  1. Mesh Idea for LL

    I do not know if this has been brought up at all or if I'm even posting in the right section because it's my first time posting on the forums here, but as I was editing my avi and was having issues with my furry avis and demo mesh just not fitting. From hats to hair to simple rigged mesh accessories not fitting at all, I started thinking I can resize the head and it looks fine on some of the heads and body parts, but that also forces me to make a shape for all these different mesh parts... What I started thinking about is, what if there was a skeleton, like the base shape that we all work with and attach things to, but completely invisible and separate from the actual body? So mesh can be placed on this body and resized and stretched to separately manipulate the mesh's size and position without detracting from the avatar's original look... Being said it would be easier to give tools or something to manually manipulate mesh in game, but that may or may not be an option, or may come way later, not only that but could be hard to master? So this idea might be a good first step to making mesh more pliable in the community? Now this is just an idea I had, not really sure if it's a plausible one, but if is, it would be a very useful tool in my opinion. Thank you guys for the time! :catvery-happy: