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  1. Argh well there goes the idea of updating my alt
  2. Sorry for the bump but how do we get body now? I wanted to get ti for an alt this week and just seen the store closed :(
  3. I put 8 euro on on Skrill. I wanted to purchase linden. Now it seems to what has always been working, that it doesnt work.
  4. Like.. its been an hour or two and no updates? Not tryign to be rude or so but ehh, this is getting annoying. Normally I would of modded my avatar allready -.-
  5. Ahh yes.. give a phone call to where ever I was going saying I will be ten minutes later because I can get a ticket from the bus or train. Then when I am back, I will call the garage if its something mroe severe, ifn ot I can replace a flat tire myself because most people have a spare. Still cant login btw.
  6. It seemed to login here untill it said connection to region.
  7. Intel GMA is not supported by any viewuer as far as I know off. Intel HD 4000+ is recommended for second life.
  8. Its probally because he/she is on a different account server.
  9. For starters, that is one thing you cannot really compare as to the situation where your users are relying on a login system. And just so you know, if I have a flat tire, and have to go work, I will go work first, then call the garage, if that is needed because I can replace mine with a spare. If I came home from work, then I would of fixed this. This is linden lab's work, still relying on the different amount of account systems :F
  10. Uhm... make it scheduled the next day? BEcause the login servers worked before 9 AM SLT. A blade wolf is a mech dog from a game.
  11. I am sorry. Just because its unscheduled doesnt mean you cannot do it later. The login servers where fine before 9 am.
  12. THis is best timing. They should do these at miday of europe on weekdays when everyone's asleep/work ... well nearly everyone.. JUst when I wanted to spend the evening modding my twi into a blade wolf mod from metal gear rising >.< Wahts even better is that such downtime takes what... 90 mins allready?
  13. Ugh... next time do it at EU midday... since most of the world is at work or asleep.... Not in the evening... t.t
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