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  1. Lmmfao if i did then they would still be here :P, but yes i do agree that finding good friends on here is really hard
  2. Need to put this back up since im looking for more friends again lol
  3. Thanks for all the replies everyone, it was greatly appreciated
  4. Thank you very much for the reply, gonna check it out now
  5. I need help i want to upgrade my avatar to mesh but i dont know where to start and what kind of budget i need. Its really daunting looking into all of this stuff, just need advice for the mesh body, hands, feet, clothes, head all of that. thanks for reading and whoever helps will be my best friend
  6. Hi there i just came back to SL and im looking for some friends, some of my interests are video games, manga, anime, talking and photography. I rally hope to make some long lasting friendships. Just message me inworld Rob.Darkwyr
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