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  1. ItHadToComeToThis I have been trying to access the land store for a bit now, is there a new link?
  2. no this is the forum to purchase them "If you're looking to purchase or rent a full region. "
  3. So I have a project I am working on that has a function that will show the location of the object in world. The url is successfully stored into the database and I can pull the url back in. The issue I am having is that the url is broken as soon as a space is found in it. So rather then a functional link coming back into SL. I am getting output in second life that allows only the first word of the url to be clicked, obviously making the rest of the address useless. So for example Dreamers Isle/216/30/22 is cut back to Dreamers in regards to a functional link.
  4. Thank you, I do always use llOwnerSay´╗┐() to be sure it is progressing as needed. This was chalked up to a typo on my end Ok so I have the code is somewhat working. Your code is great, I do get a dialogue box showing the names. The issue is, it seems to be populating it late, so it populates it if I click it a second time. So something in the menu code I am using is going at the wrong position. float fInterval = 1.0; integer iHandle; integer iScannerChannel = 10978; list lUUIDs; list lNames; string strChallenge = "marco"; string strResponse = "Found Me!"; // Code For Menu Nav integer
  5. Ok clearly I am doing something wrong. The following code never seems to fire. timer()//will fire after hearing nothing for fInterval seconds { llSetTimerEvent(0.0);//turn off the timer llListenRemove(iHandle); //now construct a menu, start listening on a dialog channel and present the user with a dialog menu }
  6. Thank you, waiting for SL to let me back in to try this out.
  7. Innula, much neater code. I will test it when I get in from work.
  8. So far what I have is very basic. One object sends out the request on a hidden channel. default { touch_start(integer total_number) { llSay(10978, "marco"); } } The other object listens for that request, I know this is very basic and rough to say the very least. The object then spits out the UUID in local chat, which I plan to change to a hidden channel. The ideal is to make a dialogue box that is populated with the name of each avatar wearing the attachment, in order to be selected. So as for how I have been trying it, sloppy so far. Any help is appreciated defa
  9. I have a script that will scan all nearby avatars and shows them in a dialogue box allowing them to be selected. I have search and came up empty handed for a method to limit the results to avatars that are wearing a specific attachment. I am thinking the best way to try to handle this is to have the worn attachment to have an open listen, and the scanner send out a signal and if it gets a response that person is listed, if not they are left out of the results. However, all my attempts have failed. So I wanted to check with the experts
  10. That seems to only be possible if you program each UUID of the prims into the code. Seeing as there will be over 30 of them, I was looking for a method that might just check the description of nearby items, not specific uuids. At that point the database method would be far more efficient.
  11. I am working on a station that allows people to check in on sim. The reason for this is to created an easy way for people to see who is available to roleplay. I have the system working fine, aside from making sure that an avatar can not sign into 2 different check in stations. I currently am storing the information in the description field. It starts with the avatar uuid of the person that signed in. So what I need is a way to check the other check in stations nearby, they are all within 5 meters, and make sure the UUID is not already check in to another station. Hoping there is an easy way to
  12. Thank you very much, it's early here, as soon as you mentioned the possible cause I found it right away. Thank you
  13. Hello all, Really hoping this is a simple answer. Been experimenting with no luck in world. I am working on a script that asks a series of questions, recording the answers. Issue is that on only some of the Dialogue boxes, the old one reopens, prior to the new question appearing. Is there a way to prevent a dialogue box from reopening? The way it is currently working is Question 1 Is Asked. - Once answered - Question 1's box reopens for a brief time, then Question 2 pops up over it. Question 2 is asked - Once answered - Question 3 Pops up, never showing question 2 again (( This
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