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  1. I have 52608 meters of land for sale in bangu, Its almost a whole sim, cheaper than abandoned land! Buy while it lasts! This will sell fast
  2. So, I Submited a support ticket on the 1st requesting a REFUND for unscheduled, unauthorized, erratic services not rendered! (see my previous post) I also requested they manually stop all of my remaining listing enhancements because the user end interface does not function, and several are "stuck" on. (as many of you know) And gee Suprise, No help. No help whatsoever. I was told 3 & 4 times that I "may" monitor the Second Life Commerce - Merchants Forum for updates related to issues affecting Second Life Marketplace Merchants." Really, May I? How generous! No resolution was even attemp
  3. well said. I have had the EXACT same experience both a while back and also today. I was charged 26,000 L worth of listing enhancement fees all in one lump sum today, just randomly and totally unaligned with the dates of the subscriptions. In the Past the Ticket system and help from the Marketplace team has been substandard and frustrating, there is truly little to no accountability for services we are paying for there. Shakes Fist. I think I should revoke these ads now, that service is just too unstable and unverifiable, its almost irresponsible on my part to keep trying to use a broken
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