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  1. I've not been creating much in the past year. RL has just been too busy and I was dealing with a health issue that made it hard to concentrate. I am hoping to get back into it again soon. I typically create mesh furniture and decor using blender - I still need to learn Zbrush. I learned how to mesh by watching a tutorials, and a lot of trial and error. Since it's been a while, I want to get back at it the right way... so I am looking for some tips or tutorials specific to SL for workflow. I think mine was probably a little bit sloppy and definitely has room for improvement. As for texturing... that I'm not as worried about, but would be a topic for another day. If anyone is willing to share, I will be very grateful. Thanks!


  2. 4 hours ago, Coffee Pancake said:

    It's not just that.

    This creates a situation where the best (and most ethical) advice for new players is "don't buy stuff for your Senra avatar, save your money till you get a real mesh body".


    Isn’t that a good thing for the SL market overall?

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  3. 5 hours ago, steeljane42 said:

    Given how those new bodies/heads look like, general idea and presentation of them by LL (and Patch) they are very likely thinking it's just a body/head most new (actual new) users will swap for "something better" the moment those people will decide to buy some L$.

    In a way it reminds me of some F2P mmos, especially mobile ones. Give a new user something not truly awful (like the current starting bodies). Gear/characters etc. Just enough so they'd stick around for a bit, then gently (or not so gently in case of those predatory mobile gacha games) nudge them towards the shop with "way better stuff".

    And since LL doesn't sell any actual content in SL's case this nudge will be towards the currently popular bodies and heads, which not only do look better, but also will have pretty much unlimited choice of clothing/accessories available to them compared to a very limited and curated pool of releases approved by LL for the Senra.

    Thus making a new user a part of the ecosystem/SL's economy, or shopping part of it anyway. In a similar way I'm sure those tiny LL homes are also were meant as a starting step giving new land owners a bit of taste in decoration and having a land in general. Except many people are actually totally fine with something as small, so they never got anything else.

    I hadn’t thought of it this way, but makes complete sense. And of course LL is going to want to have a bit of control with how the newbies experience SL so that they might want to stay after dipping the toe in

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  4. 23 hours ago, Kyrah Abattoir said:

    This might not work for you depending of the textures but here is an ultra low poly option:


    And here the same but with tweaked vertex normals:


    I think I'm going to give this a try, thank you! I tried just using a deep normal map on the rock, but even on ultra, it still looked flat. 

  5. 13 minutes ago, Aquila Kytori said:

    As Wulfie suggested use a cube of any size for Physics ( the Uploader will automatically resize it ti fit your model).

    If this doesn't also solve the Auto Generated LoDs (all the same triangle counts) then in Blender, Object mode, make a copy, (Shift + D), and Apply all Transforms to this copy, (with model selected Ctrl +A to open Apply menu and choose the All Transforms option. Export and check the numbers in the uploader.

    If this hasn't changed anything then best is you share your .blend file by uploading it to this Blender file sharing site  https://pasteall.org/blend/

    Then post the new URL for some-one here to check it out for you.

    I always click all transforms and fix my origin before exporting, but I will give it another go. I never thought of a cube for physics - GREAT TIP!

  6. 3 hours ago, Wulfie Reanimator said:

    If the wire is visually small (either actually small or just far away), you can easily get away with 3-4 sides (smoothed or custom normals), or even a strip of flat plane with a wire texture on it.

    You haven't told us what the costs are. There are three different costs: download, physics, and server. It's not unlikely that it's the physics cost that's messing up, rather than the model being "too detailed."

    I lowered the details as much as possible. It seems to be the physics. The lowers LODs won't reduce366a674587e88a47be0c4aa185a6eb7e.png

  7. 5 hours ago, Aquila Kytori said:

    If the single wire is exported as it appears in your screenshot, (a guesstimate of 480 triangles) it should be only the size that effects the LI cost.

    Below is a similar object, rezzed inworld and the LI costs (uploaded with default lower LoDs and a triangle for the Physics model) with my avatar for size comparison :




    If your wire is wildly different then check the Triangle counts, Download and Physics costs in the mesh uploader window.

    If it looks like the Physics cost is high then export a cube object from Blender and use that for Physics.  Physics tab of the mesh uploader > Step 1  choose the From file option and load up your Cube.dae file.

    In the Screenshot below the wire is 480 tris and approximately 6 x 6 x 5m.



    Also check the costs (weights) when rezzed :



    If you still cant work out what is causing the high LI cost of the single wire then share your .blend file for others to take a look at.      https://pasteall.org/blend/


    As mentioned above, keep the resolution down (6 edges max, 5 or even 4 works sometimes)  and also aim for more edge loops where the curves are tight and less edge loops where the curves are more open :


    I've got it down to 4 edge loops. for the length. The item is maybe 1/8 meter total. My triangles are not high but normally I can reduce for the lower LODs, but it won't. No modifiers were used.  Here's some pics of upload and relative size. 366a674587e88a47be0c4aa185a6eb7e.png2678a48871a58d4f29ffdcdc7032e909.pngddfd4b46127d70c868a0ad74ad9966a2.png

  8. 14 hours ago, Quarrel Kukulcan said:

    How big is this in meters?

    Do you have any modifiers on, like subdivision surface?

    What is that egg thing? Is it exporting as well?

    What do things look like when you turn on wireframe view for everything you're exporting?

    I attempted to export only the wire to see. the egg thing is a smoothed rock, yes it will be exporting as well, but I'm not worried about that right now. That exports without issue. IT's the wires I'm having issues with. No, I am not using modifiers. We're talking smallish.  2678a48871a58d4f29ffdcdc7032e909.png

  9. 7 minutes ago, Chic Aeon said:

    Well I swore off the MESH board since I am in 2.79 and may be until I die LOL, but this is a pretty simple question -- although there may be some better answers with pictures that will help you coming along .   


    When you make your curve you want to keep the resolution very low. You don't need more than six sides for you mesh to look good (smoothed of course).    I have uploaded many items at 1 land impact WITH additional mesh this way.  I do take out a few edgeloops but it is a fairly short process.    I typically DRAW my curve shapes as I am usually making electrical chords and the like but the idea works for all curves I think. 


    Hope that helps some.  I am not sure where the settings are in the current Blender version :D



    This is the item that I'm working on . I took out as much as I possibly could, but even 1 wire is coming out super high LI upon upload to SL. I'm currently on Blender 2.9.1. I'm about to rip my hair out on this one and I really don't want to as I'm already losing hair from having had covid lol (Yes, really). 


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  10. I have an item I'm working on that involves a rock wrapped with a few pieces of wire. I used nurbs circle to create my wires pieces and then converted them to mesh. After, I decimated the geometry by hand. No matter what I do, I cannot get a low enough LI upon upload. Help please? I've done cords before, but less circular. I'm about to give up on the wire wrap idea, but it looks better with it. Can anyone assist with tips? Even links to tutorials would be awesome. Thanks!

  11. 1 hour ago, Chic Aeon said:


    👍    *we really could use some MUCH BETTER SYMBOLS


    Also to add to the confusion, the original post was changed after some comments were made.


    If it were "me", I would just open  an old file that I knew worked for me, delete the objects, materials perhaps and a few other things and save the file as  a new start up file.  Is this a bizarre idea?  I have done that a few times.   Doesn't take long. 


    Good point, but being that I haven't played around in 2.9 yet, I wasn't sure how much has changed. I know that the setup I had pre 2.79 was very different looking than the newer versions. I edited the OP to clarify what I was looking for - not to add confusion, but to prevent answers on what I didn't need. 

  12. 31 minutes ago, Wulfie Reanimator said:

    How do you define "SL friendly?"

    Besides picking the SL preset during export, there's nothing particularly special you need to do.

    Just as an example - there are certain settings in tools, baking, etc that are helpful to have set up from startup, rather than having to go in and change them each time. I'll figure it out again, but will have headaches until then. Sigh. 

  13. 10 minutes ago, Chic Aeon said:

    I don't have 2.9 but isn't there something (still) similar to this set up when you export? It would probably help folks if you explained what you are exporting and what methods your files were made in.    



    Anyway, I'm not talking about collada export. I'm talking about startup preferences for workflow. 

  14. 15 minutes ago, Wulfie Reanimator said:

    How do you define "SL friendly?"

    Besides picking the SL preset during export, there's nothing particularly special you need to do.

    Which version are you using? I don't think there has been an SL preset option since before 2.8.

    There are ways to set up start up preferences to make workflow easier for SL mesh. The directions I've been able to find are outdated, however. Here is an example: http://www.torsten-funk.de/tutorials_008-blender-second-life-opensimulator.html

  15. Can someone help me with setting up the preferences for startup to be SL friendly? I just DL 2.9 and I messed up my startup preferences somewhere along the way. What I can find online is outdated. Thanks! Not concerned about exporting collada - I'm looking for startup preferences for workflow issues. The instructions I find online are outdated (2.79). If not, I'll figure it out again, but didn't feel like banging my head on the wall if someone had it quick. 

  16. Can someone help me with setting up the preferences for startup to be SL friendly? I just DL 2.9 and I messed up my startup preferences somewhere along the way. What I can find online is outdated. Thanks!

  17. 19 minutes ago, bigmoe Whitfield said:

    everything I buy I make sure has a demo on the marketplace. if you do NOT offer demos on mesh clothing, you can seriously kiss half your sales goodbye, I'm not buying on a whim, and I'm not going to travel to get it. 

    I'm not talking about mesh clothing (I think I already said that mesh clothing, skins, and bodies/heads should need a demo product). I'm talking about furniture and decorative items.

    In regard to mesh clothing: personally, as long as the mesh clothing includes a fit for Maitreya, I'm not to worried about a demo unless it is relatively expensive. But, that's me; I don't have time to try a demo for every piece of clothing I buy, but I'm lucky enough that if I waste a little L on something I hate, I just shrug it off and stop buying from that designer. Most of the time I'm only disappointed in stuff I didn't pay much for, so no big deal to me. 

    Building/selling mesh furniture/decor items in SL for me is a hobby. I have a business in RL that is stress enough. If my SL business becomes too much work, I'll pack it in. So, I'll do what I have time for, and that does not include MP demo items for home furnishings, especially when I have demos in-world. If I've lost your sale and the sales of others like you, I'm sad for it, but I'll live. 

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  18. @bigmoe Whitfield First, all of my items are copy/mod. Second, it's one thing to need a demo to make sure that clothes will fit your shape (mesh) or if you will like how a head/body looks before buying, or checking that a skin is how it looks in the picture and how it looks with your shape. But those are things that are hard to get a sense of without a demo. Furniture, on the other hand, can be demoed very nicely in-world and you don't need a demo in your own home to see if it "fits". Maybe I don't shop enough, but I don't know of a single SL home goods store (or jewelry, for that matter) that provides demos you can buy to try. If you prefer shopping only on MP, more power to you. I like shopping MP because it's easy to search. But, If I'm worried about how a piece of furniture looks or operates, I have no issue TPing to the store from MP to do so. It's not like I have to waste gas to get there. But, alas, to each their own - and you can't please everyone (I'm not going to kill myself trying).

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