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  1. Sim crossings are amazing! I started Simon Linden's Blake Sea Challenge heading West. I decided to really be daring on a fast jetski... did fine until I got bounced off at secondlife://Aditi/secondlife/Blake%20Sea%20-%20Bering/213/249/21 on my return trip and lost my jetski. Until that point, it was pretty seamless for me.
  2. Are the portals in the portal park supposed to be "live" because I can't go through them. Is anyone else having this issue or am I the special one? https://gyazo.com/974cc66574756559b07cbe84bfbc25fbe If I log into the regular account, I can go through portals at the Portal Park 2 location, but not Portal Park 1.
  3. IM Barbie Baddingham inworld if you are selling Open Space. Thanks!
  4. 1952 sqm of beachfront on protected Linden waterway. For sale for $11,500L ($5.9L/m2) The front of the parcel is water, so there is plenty of room for docking and boats. You can sail right out into the linden waterway. The rear of the parcel is land so there also plenty of land for a house that overlooks the water. Currently there is an inground pool. There is an adjacent lot on the backside if you wish to purchase that. That parcel is 1024 sqm but it resides on a different sim. Currently there is a house on it. Will sell that for ($1L /m2), if interested). Owner is able to
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