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  1. While I'm sure this new addition is quite imaginative and promises us more ingenius building tools.. I can't say I'll get to experience it. As it is, the lag on my private, remote island sim that had peak performance just a few months ago is so laggy some days that I can barely move. I can't imagine what this new shiney place will be like. I'll check it out.. just to see.. but I'm not holding onto much hope for my success in being able to actually experience it as it was meant to be.... Without all the crashing,,cursing and gnashing of teeth. I've been in SL for close to 5 years. My husband and I have spent many thousands of dollars for the priveledge. I've seen many things come and go.. but the past year has been remarkable in its steady decline of performance from every aspect. My question to the new owners of LL. When will you start listening to your customers and give them the things they have been begging and protesting about for years now? Things like a more stable platform... added.. larger servers. We all know you can afford them. Reduced tier or at least more prims for our money. REAL age verification so that we adults AND the children here can be protected. Oh.. and the SL V2 viewer.. and its subsequent enforcement on our 3rd party viewers that actually work.. for the love of all that is holy.. weren't you listening? We don't like it... we don't want it.. why are you shoving it down our throats? At least give us the choice! Inventory issues.. everyday I find something else that i'm missing. And the lastest 'gem' objects disappearing into thin air before they are even rezzed when you pull them from inventory with little to no recourse in gettng them back. I just want my relaxing.. hassle free..simple to use SL. Pretty soon we will all need degrees from MIT and computers designed by NASA just play our beloved SL. Stop with the shineys and fix what's there. Please... I'm begging you.
  2. Oh SPLENDID!! I just d/l'd the new improved knock your socks off veiwer on my laptop and I can't open it because it only runs on 32bit setting!!!! Dammit!!! My lappy doesn't HAVE a 32 bit setting!! NOW what am I supposed to do? I can't even go back to the previous viewer! When will this incessant meddling with this abysmal veiwer end? What do I have to do? Buy a computer from NASA just to PLAY on SL? I"m so damned mad right now I'm ready to leave SL!!
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