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  1. I sat and watched every episode that has aired so far last night and I am not impressed. Neither do I think this will go well for Second Life as far as positive publicity goes, but then perhaps SL has adopted the "any publicity is good publicity" attitude. I do think that the " Jerry Springer meets the metaverse" comment is dead on and it is going to bring in an influx of the wrong kind of people after this airs. The show will find a way to twist any story to make our Second Life neighbors look desperate and comical and that is a shame.
  2. Oh congrats! Well your story would definitely be a positive one then. I was going through the questionnaire for the show and their questions are definitely geared more towards what can cause drama, which being a TV show, especially one based off that movie, it will obviously need that drama to retain audiences. Unfortunately, I think most of the SL/RL relationships don't fair as well as yours have. But I guess we will see.
  3. Bullying is bullying, whether it is online or offline, done by children or adults. Just because someone is being bullied does not mean they should then turn around and bully back whether face to face or through profiles. It never ends that way. LL rarely if ever does anything in regards to a resident bullying another resident unless it somehow got taken out of SL and into RL or unless one of the people involved is one of the SL Elite that spends enough money in SL that even the LL Gods have to take notice. So, you are left with three viable options (may not like them but they are the most viable options available). 1. Just continue to mute and ignore any and all avatars that pop up to harass you (and remove the nastiness you wrote in your profile as well because that just keeps it going. The best revenge is to totally ignore them, it will drive them nuts), which is what 98% of us have to do. 2. Make an alt and do not put anything in that new avatars profile that was in your originals profile (that includes anything that even remotely looks like something your original would say or do, the same types/styles of photo's, showing your groups, joining the same groups, setting your picks to the same spot your other avatar saved theirs at, your style of writing, etc.) Yeah I have been through this before, it's probably obvious huh. lol 3. Leave Second Life (which should not be an option since that means the stalker wins, but if you truly cannot handle it and the other two options have failed or you just don't want to try them it's the last resort)
  4. Hey guys hope everyone is doing well. So, I just saw on my log in page a new post to the LL blog. Apparently MTV's show Catfish is looking to hear from people in SL. I remember watching the movie that the show is based off of and I can only imagine the drama and problems that this could cause on top of I don't think it is going to be the most positive view of SL that LL seems to think it will be, I worry it will only cause more negative opinions in the media, etc. What do you guys think? I am posting what the blog said below. Thanks everyone ahead of time for participating! MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show brings together couples that have online relationships to meet offline for the first time, often with surprising results as the differences between online personas and offline lives are revealed. MTV is now casting the show’s second season, and they’re interested in hearing from Second Life users who have fallen in love inworld, and would now like to meet their love in person. If you’d be interested in being on the show, you can apply online here.
  5. I agree that if the customer "thought" it might match it is kind of up to them to contact the creator and ask first otherwise they are running on an assumption which never ends well. They should not have given a 1 star review based on their assumption of what the product was or was not. And, yes you could contact them and offer them a different item for them to change their review, but sometimes that backfires as well and ticks them off more. It's kind of a risk either way unfortunately. But I love your creations personally, I use them on my main account a lot when decorating sims.
  6. Yes I noticed and I hate it but do understand the reasoning behind them. However, I think Stormm's idea is a good one, premium members shouldn't have to see annoying ads. perhaps LL should think on that one a bit more. As for the land issue, there are so many other virtual worlds out there that have no set up fee, more prims allotted (one world has 45,000 prims) and monthly costs of 75 USD or less for people to own their own full sim that we all know it is possible LL could do the same..but, personally I don't eve see that happening. So SL is honestly not going to go anywhere other than in the direction it's been going...being turned into a video game for kids. So buck up people, if we stay we are only helping it move in that direction and that is no ones choice or fault but our own.
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