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  1. Griefers and trolls have to evolve their tactics at some point because the old annoyances don't work anymore.  I'm guessing that the notecards are a new form of griefing/trolling.

    I never respond to griefers inworld. I just ban them from my property and block them from contacting me ever again.  If this happened to me, I'd notify LL about it, too.

  2. The old teen grid is kind of empty right now but I've noticed that trend all over SL on the mainland. I've been going for about 8 months every now and then and didn't realize where I was until my teenage son (he's 18) told me it was the old teen grid.  There's still enough cool stuff to check out, especially if you like to just wander around.

    I remember the teen grid when it was the teen grid. I've always kept an eye on my son while on line and noticed that the teens made some great stuff. He was heart broken when the grids merged and he couldn't have an account for about a year and a half.

  3. A few hours ago I was looking at a website selling souvenirs for Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. A friend works up there and I was looking at plushie polar bears with Prudhoe Bay logos on them to buy for his little daughter. I saw an add for the same bears to the right of the forum just minutes ago. I bet the poster's ads are being blocked for data gathering.

  4. I've been on SL now for years & never had a problem with griefers until recently. I usually just ban/mute/ignore them but lately I've noticed more bullying behavior by avatars who are only a few hours or days old and appear to be getting multiple accounts on the same day and staking out a particular area. I see them targeting particular avatars for bullying as opposed to griefing a whole area. You ban one and another one pops up seconds later to take over. Maybe I've just been lucky up until now but I had trouble with 5 seperate day-old avatars the other night before I could TP out of the area. 

  5. The region you're in might be having problems.  If you've already tried clearing your cache, relogging in and the problem is still the same, try going to a different region.  If things are still weird, try a different viewer or re-downloading your current viewer.  I had to do that recently to clear up a problem I had.  My avatar would not download on my screen (I just got the white cloud) but my friends could see me fine.  The re-download fixed everything.

    Also try rebaking your textures.

  6. I deleted 3 Magic Boxes in the last few days after changing to DD.  I only received this message with my third and last Magic Box deletion...

    ..."Dear TundraFire Nightfire,

    Our records indicate that you have items listed at the Xstreet SL Marketplace, but none of them are available for purchase because your server object(s), listed below, have lost connectivity with the Xstreet SL main server.

    Name: Xstreet SL Magic Box v3.0.11
    Location: Nordica (68, 193)

    Name: Xstreet SL Magic Box v3.0.10
    Location: Nordica (67, 200)

    You could be losing sales!  Follow the instructions below to reactivate your items on the website:

    1) If you deleted your server object(s), they must be replaced and stocked with your inventory before your items can be reactivated.  Please follow the instructions at the following URL to make your inventory available:


    2) If your server object(s) are still in-world, take them into your inventory and re-rez them.  This will reset the object and cause it to reestablish communications.

    3) Make sure your server object(s) are not on no-script land.


    Xstreet SL


    Second Life Support

    This message was sent by Linden Lab.
    For help with your account (or with this message), please visit http://secondlife.com/support/"...


    I deleted all my magic boxes for SL Marketplace as of yesterday after updating everything to DD.  Everything is active.  Can't figure out why I'm getting mail from XStreet. 

  7. I unlisted a number of my free items on the marketplace a few years ago when we merchants were told that we couldn't list them anymore.  Has that rule changed?  I haven't kept up with the marketplace for quite a while, though I'm starting to list new stuff again and I've noticed free merchandise in the listings.  I remember hearing that we would be charged for all our free listings so has that changed?

  8. Bay City is my favorite place in SL and I'm wondering if there are any other places on the grid like Bay City?

    Traveling around the Linden Roads lately throughout the grid, I've noticed a trend towards more and nicer Linden-owned public lands beside the roads.  I wish there were more places designed like Bay City.  Are there plans for better designed mainland areas and roads in the future?


  9. My son turns 16 in a few weeks and we've been wondering if his old teen SL account was put on hold and will reactivate on his birthday or is his old account dead?  Will he have to start a new account, or will he still have access to his old account and all his past inventory?

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