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  1. I'm on mainland and I recently got several new neighbors. One neighbor on an adjacent parcel's radio station is now playing on my parcel. I don't know how to figure which neighbor it is or how to stop it from playing on my parcel. Can I fix this by setting land permissions? I tweaked a few but haven't managed to stop the sound yet.  In all my years in SL I've never come across this problem before. Any help will be greatly appreciated :)  I probably wouldn't mind if it was music but it's all commercials! 

  2. My neighbor put up a full brite mega prim on the edge of his property line that he created and named a "Spite Wall". It's 4 prims back to back, transparent on his side. I was able to derender it with the Firestorm viewer. Can I do something similar with the Second Life viewer? All I could do was block all 4 prims of the object but it's still there. I use both viewers and prefer the SL viewer so I'd like to hide the Spite Wall if I can.


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  3. I've had the same piece of 2304 of mainland for 10 years. I never had a lag problem in all that time.  I have a new neighbor who is building multiple skyboxes as rentals and clubs. There are two clubs right next to my skybox/ workshop now running scripts galore. The lag is terrible, and mainland is even worse. I think his goal is to use almost all land capacity on land or in the sky. I've been derendering as much as I can, but everything is built in pieces. I derender and there is twice as much when I log on again.  I've never had to derender before so I'm not sure if I have to derender every prim/mesh or if I can mass derender what's on his land. He bought land on both sides of mine so I'm sandwiched in between a lot of stuff from the ground into the sky. Does derendering remove all land impact or does it only affect my being able to see it?   

  4. I've only been using the beta grid Aditi for about a week. My avatar doesn't render. I'm using a low poly/texture complete mesh avatar. I'm not sure why I'm only getting the cloud thingy. I see other rendered avatars around me and my shadow looks like my avatar. It's just me that's not rendering to me. Is there a fix. I read somewhere that changing my password and re-logging in might be a fix but it didn't work.


  5. The mainland isn't as crowded as it used to be, but there's still a lot of occupied area. It's also a lot less laggy and cluttered. I've been enjoying traveling around mainland more now than in years. I'm seeing less banlines, less security orbs, less griefers. I've actually been able to use the waterways in some of the areas that were notorious in the past for being so clogged they were impossible to bypass.  I've also noticed more people are on at odd hours. I'm usually on SL in the AM Linden hours anywhere from midnight to 7 am depending on what my work hours are, and I see people out and about.

  6. I've owned the same chunk of mainland since 2008 and I'm happy with it. My neighbor only recently sold her parcel and she had been there since 2008 as well. Her old parcel has sold three times in less than a year. I was extra happy when I found out we recently got more prims. I like mainland. I wish tier was cheaper. If it was I would expand my parcel. I only pay $15 per month now and that's affordable.

    The parcel next to me has sold endless times since I've been there. No one has ever kept it more than a few months. It's abandoned now and has been for several years.


  7. I think the magic of SL is that after you've been on awhile you realize no one really cares what you are and you stop worrying about what other people think about you pretty quick. You can be almost anything and it's OK, as long as you're not breaking the TOS. I have a few non-human alts that I use, several are quad dogs, a polar bear and a moose. I've never had any problems as a quad animal other than a griefer. In my RL I'm sure a few people I know would think it's weird that I like to be an animal in SL but they'll never find out because I keep my RL identity private.

  8. Probably the best you can do is ban them from the group, which you've already done. If you're worried about them joining as an alt and doing the same thing again, you might try joining your own group as an alt and as soon as you get an IM from the new avatar, kick them out again.

    SL being what it is, most people have had run-ins with griefers and the people in your group probably can guess what's going on.

  9. There is a very aggressive griefer who hangs out in Wengen and has for years. I love to watch the northern lights from Chalet Linden and have had numerous problems with him/her. I'm guessing it's the same person because of the description of their griefing actions. If it is the same person, they always used a variation of the same name and it made it easier to block/mute as soon as I TPd in. After a while I found that they completely left me alone and I haven't had to block anyone for a long time there.

    Your best bet is to ground sit when under attack then report/block/mute. I go for a ground sit whenever I enter a known griefing area or I notice an avatar coming in my direction too fast on the map whenever entering a new sim.

    I wish SL would go back to the old name format with first and last names and drop the display names.


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  10. what is the extra_001.png

    Is that was causes this odd area of missing water above my dog's hip, a Firestorm bug? I only get this with the Firestorm viewer and not the SL viewer. I use a full body alpha mask under my quad dog avatar. On some surfaces I have squares of semi transparent material under the feet, too. With my regular human avatar, mesh hair has an outlne when viewed with water in the background. I'm not sure if any of this is related to the Firestorm bug though.

  11. The first day I was on SL I ended up in a silly battle sim and was killed by Mr Potatohead. I had no idea how anything worked yet, or that I could even die in SL. I wasn't sure where I even ended up after I was ejected from the sim as I had no idea what a "home" was yet. I TPd back into the sim and was promptly killed a second time by Mr Potatohead, which I apparently liked because this happened several more times until someone finally explained what was going on.

    I really miss those early days on SL. Enjoy them while you can :)

  12. Syo Emerald wrote:

    I'm suprised that a 9 year old resident hasn't figured out mesh avatars, or mesh in general, yet. :matte-motes-agape:

    I wasn't very active for about a year and a half on SL which corresponded to the introduction of mesh on SL. Even though I was a creator in the past, I found it very confusing at first. I've never tried on mesh avatars yet so I would be a complete noob if I did. I like my old avatar, still have an older skin and I'm still happy with her looks.

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