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  1. Hi VitaliyK :cattongue:

    Because of my wacky reallife job hours I'm usually on SL in the middle of the night, roughly midnight to 5am Linden time. There are a lot of Russians on at that hour. Most of the Russians I know also speak other languages and I've found that they like to talk with friendly folks who they can comunicate with in other languages or Russian. Tell your friend to log in in the middle of the night SL time, especially in the snow regions around Wengen.

  2. There's a lot of abandoned land now. I do a lot of traveling on Linden roads and I've noticed how empty some places have become. I'm not sure how the abandoned land selling thing works, but the parcel next to me has been abandoned for a few years now.

    I've been wandering around the Heterocera Atoll the last few days. I haven't been there in a few months and it's a lot emptier than it was a few months ago. The amount of mainland sim abandoned land makes me wonder if the Lindens are going to do away with privately owned mainland and everyone will be renting directly from them instead.


  3. I'm on a lot late at night at about 1-4 LL time.  I see a lot more people on at that hour than I used to, which is around 30,000.  I do see more actual avatars and not just bots. The afternoons seem to have less than they did when I signed up in 2008 ~ about 1/4 less ~ but I think the international players have increased, especially Russians. I live in an area of Alaska with a large Russian community and like chatting with Russians when I have a chance. 

  4. I don't know if there are any sims still like this, but when I first joined SL 6 years ago there were sims for only female avatars and male avatars were banned.  Some were designated as lesbian only, but there were others for noob women to feel comfortable changing clothing or shopping or just not having guys around.

    If you don't like something, disagree with it or it offends you, stay away.  If you keep showing up in that sim dressed inapproprately after being asked not to, then you're the one who's harassing the sim owner and not the other way around.


  5. I had this happen last winter with an alt. I had a credit card on file with my account but I had never used it to buy anything inworld, on the market place or pay fees with. My profile said I had "no payment info on file" though. I ended up buying some Linden Dollars and my payment status changed to "payment info on file". I was able to access adult areas after than and areas I needed payment info to enter.

  6. They've been targeting profiles for pets for some time. The pet profiles are people pretending to be their pets online or profiles specifically about their pets.

    About 4 years ago, they deleted my 14-year-old son's account because they said he was not a real person due to his name. I won't say what his name is but it is a common Scandinavian pet's name. His profile was linked to his dad's and my account as our son and we had multiple photos and references to us as a family. It took 6 months of constantly asking and trying to get his account reactivated before they finally told us why they deleted him. They refused to reactivate his account.

    Some people have had their profiles deleted for having pictures of their pets instead of themselves as their profile picture. All of their information, including their real name, is accurate. There is apparently software that FB runs every now and then that identifies these accounts and deletes them without warning.

    I have a few pet profile friends who have had their profiles moved to Pages instead of profiles, but the vast majority have never gotten an explanation as to why they were suddenly deleted.


  7. If you haven't noticed yet, there is a tunnel under the wall that stretches for the entire length. The wall has changed a little over the years, but it's been pretty much the same for a long time. There are a few spots on the top walkway that for some reason I always fall through to the tunnel, though. I've always wondered if that was intentional or accidental.

  8. I seem to remember back when the forums were hosted on the old SL website that someone had a similar problem with a griefer. LL back then had a policy that you could have a onetime name change but you had to have a really good excuse why you needed it changed. They almost never did it.

    I don't know if the poster wants to change their name but it's worth a try to ask. Maybe that policy has changed now that there are display names though.

    I dislike display names. They can get very confusing, especially when you need to ban or mute someone.

    There was a griefer who was constantly at Lake Zermatt last summer who would get banned, get another acount with almost the same name (using the one letter change like the poster's griefer) and then be back again.

  9. I haven't made anything in a few years but recently started again. The Phoenix viewer used to have an option for free temporary textures but I haven't seen that with the Firestorm viewer. Do either the SL or Firestorm viewers have that option? I recently read somewhere that the SL beta viewer had that option. I used to upload a lot of temporary textures before uploading the finished ones so I really do need the temporary option.

  10. One easy way to get unstuck without logging out is to bring up your map, click on a region near by (or anywhere) and TP out of the spot you're stuck in.  The map will show Infohubs as blue circles with an "i" in the center.  Infohubs are good places to go if you're stuck.

  11. Mainland Linden roads are G and they're protected land. I open a map, find a route and TP in. I have a pair of free roller-skates I picked up years ago at one of the freebie places and I like to roller-skate on the roads. I have a cruiser bike I ride around the roads on, too. I have a swim hud I use a lot in the Blake Sea islands. There are also off shore "roads" I like to swim in that are Linden protected land circling the continents that alternate from sea to land roads and I never have to worry about hitting ban lines or security orbs. My favorite place is Happy Hippo Fun Land in Bay City as well as the area around the Bay City Aquarium.

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