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  1. Hi Fae, I am building a big shop and am looking for a blogger, and might have some potography work for you also. please contact me inworld, Ferenc Nachtigal Exposed Shop, Exposed SIM
  2. You can check your trading limits in you profile https://secondlife.com/my/lindex/describe-limits.php
  3. Do something you really good at, or gather a bunch of people and let them do what they good at. Do something you really love doing. having a plan and sticking to it also helps. I dont think you should do something just for the money, because you will loose motivation and lack creativity. Its not so different from RL In every branch (skins, clothes, Gaming) you can make money if you stick some effort in it. But there is alot of competition, so how are you going to stand out from the rest? You got to have something different to be succesfull, really good quality and excellent customer services
  4. Yeserday we have placed an ad in top of classifieds.. No1 of all Ads.. i noticed That Some keywords do return results in THE classified section itself, but not appear in THE classified section on THE search all page. Phoenix viewer.
  5. For a new shop i am looking for a photographer with Photo editing skills that will make photo's of my outfits. Mostly female clothes, please carefully read the following before contacting me inworld. (notecard or IM, or email ferencnachtigal@gmail.com) I will ask for a portfolio and do a test shot before hiring. - Each product photo has two different poses,one from the front and a different pose from the back/side (so 2 pictures in one with photo editing) - One product photo needs to be done in 5 colors, plus a fatpack (by editing in photoshop) So 6 photos per outfit - Each product photo has a
  6. You dont have to sell through ll website you can Also use alternative companies. Look for xchange4ls, virwox or just type sell lindens in search all.
  7. Darrius Gothly "If the one you bought was larger than the one you already owned, when you "Joined" them you lost the UUID and thus all the search history accumulated for the old parcel. If they were the same size, it's a 50/50 shot as to which UUID survived. (Although sounds like you came out tails on the coin flip.)" Linda Brynner "When you bought that new land and you joined it as one piece, your whole sales history, name and description is taken from your largest plot." Not exactly, you should always join towards the land from which you want to keep the name,description, traffic UUID, se
  8. I have an inworld employment agency and have been around for a while. I get in about 100 visitors daily and most people that advertise in my office get good clicks on their ads. This is because i am high in search rankings and also advertise in classifieds and on the forums myself. The business is not really looking for people and matching them with businesses one on one, its more about getting in vistors that are looking for a job and advertisers that are looking for employees. An ad board costs L$100 a week and you get a message when someone clicks your ads. From some of my customers i hea
  9. I have setup an inworld location where people can come and get an overview of available land / real estate companies. People that have land or homes for sale/rent can come to my office and advertise. secondlife://Lovers%20Lane/28/29/1504
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