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  1. Neah, didn't realize that. I might be fully wrong but I am estimating the impact of what we are posting here as rather limited. If it helped a bit to let Candy know she is not the only one suffering and that at the estates (almost all) landowners do provide customer service and take care for the land, I am already pretty satisfied. I
  2. Perhaps you are referring to the Freeplay games. Some locations offer games that are free to play but you can still win some. Mostly to give you a chance to practice the games for free. Most of the Freeplay games will start after you pay them L$1. Since the game is freeplay you will get the L$1 immediatly returned. Some games (Zyngo, I am not sure about No Devil) also will start after you touch them and choose Freeplay from the menu.
  3. Hmmm... the AR-team actually acting on an AR. It is possible but unlikely. Could it als be possible that the griefing is gone because the griefer is just griefing elsewhere now?.
  4. I got a simular problem with a very persistent griefer. I had the illusion owning a popular location, mentioned in the destination guide could make a difference. It didn't. On all attemts to get LL do something about him I got either no reply or an insane one. During the years I learned that AR's are pretty useless. Filing AR's seems to be only having some chance of LL doing something with it if it happens massivly. Having a lot of people complaining in a short time frame, about the same issue. If you could organize that you might have a chance. With my griefer I noticed also that did have no effect. The best suggestion I could make for you: Leave mainland. On the estates you would at least have a landlord. None of the landlords I ever worked with would allow your neighbour to stay. They also do better work in monitoring the sim, keeping lag low and keeping the neighbourhood in good standing. There are plenty of estates also offering adult rated land at pretty sharp prices.
  5. I so very much agree with point 7. The fact that bullies can create a practically unlimited number of accounts combined with LL totally ignoring abuse reports, made made me capitulate for the bullies. At Freebie Galaxy we don't even bother banning them anymore. Cause it only resulted in making the bad people angry and coming back even more often. SL is a playground where bullies, griefers and stalkers can go around without fearing anything. Which is very sad.
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