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  1. Really beautiful use of different Spring colours, Cereza. Congratulations on SL Pic of the Day.
  2. Fantastic photo. (Love the use of Depth of Field here.) Congratulations on SL Pic of the Day.
  3. Congratulations to Rainbow, on SL pic. of the day. It's really beautiful.
  4. I just saw your video today. Thank you so much for doing it and posting it. It very well done.
  5. Absolutely adorable photo. Congratulations on SL Pic of the Day!
  6. This is really beautiful!
  7. Simple, and beautiful! I really like this.
  8. Thank you! I'm so honored to have this photo chosen. I'm glad you like it. :-)
  9. So soft looking, and beautiful.
  10. This is fantastic! Really great work.
  11. Nicely done! I really like it.
  12. :smileyvery-happy: I'm so happy for you Jullie (and Patches)!
  13. This is incrdible. Thanx for sharing this (even if only we residents watch it.)
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