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  1. Hi Prokofy: Any SL fashion feed will get your work out there! Just try to get yourself on as many as possible. If you don't want to deal with this yourself, you can always send review copies to the bloggers who are already on the feeds. Hope this helps.
  2. Ok guys - getting ready for BOSL FASHION WEEK ! A great pleasure sharing with all of you today! From the FASHION MOTHER SHIP, I wave good bye and hope to see you all again in the very near future! Thank you Kimmera for the encyclopedia on how to open a new brand. You rock! xoxo Frolic
  3. rissa!! hun, I wear every brand in Second Life ... so it's impossible to list my favs... If I see something new I like anywhere, I am there! Even if I don't like the outfit as a whole, I sometimes still buy it just because I liked the hat or the little pin on the lapel... I am weird like that... but it's all these choices and options which make my SL fun! In real Life I like HUGO BOSS, Armani, D&G, Brooks Brothers and for my more informal stuff I love Polo, Tommy (but very few), Stone Island, and many more! One more tip for your man rissa... Lately, I´ve been obsessed about Lalique's WHITE perfume for man. Give it to him, and I promiss your love will grow!
  4. Hi Michely! Thank you so much for your comments and for showing the video for MISS AZUL. That pageant was actually held in a stage built by great RL Architect DB Bailey and will be featured in BOSL FASHION WEEK for the Nicky Ree fashion show. I understand what you say about people offering shady deals to new Second Life users; However it's very difficult for us to orient them unless we had some type of communication with new users or if coming to these chats was made mandatory by Linden Labs. Then again, who are to decide what is best for each person? I loved my newbie days and the life that developed from it, so this is a very difficult things to do. Yes, sometimes I had to learn the hard way... but I suppose it is experience which leads to a more sensible life ... both in Second and Real. Gracias por tu sugerencia (Yo también hablo Español)
  5. This is a question I get asked a lot ... I would like to hear some answers from fashion designers: How do I successfully start a new fashion brand? Please share with us your secrets to success!
  6. OMG hahhahahahah ! Can I sue you for posting my newbie days? HAHHAHAHAHHAHA LOVE IT !! Great memories from the good old days! That was the set to the first fashion show I ever produced. Wow awesome!
  7. By the way... It's only 11:32 am SLT and I already see people in the audience side for THE SUPER VIRTUAL HERO Fashion Show! I will open the sim for about 70 people today, but come early! SHOW STARTS AT 4 PM SLT! Hope you all like it!
  8. Hi Enjolras: Going about a one of a kind dress is quite tricky. Having lots of experience with MISS VIRTUAL WORLD candidates and the drama of their dresses, I can point you in the right direction. Please keep in mind that making one of a kind dress for any designer is a loss of time unless you are willing to open your purse REALLY wide. If you want a one of kind dress for a special occasion like a pageant or your wedding, but then you allow that designer to release it after the event, you have a much better chance of getting it. Going to a newer designer who could benefit from the exposure of that dress, could also open the door to interesting possibilities.If all this fails, you always have the alternative of making your own amazing mix and match and create your own fabulous dress no one has ever seen! I hope this helps.
  9. Hi Sylphia and Barbie: I actually do think some things get over done sometimes. I remember I had the candidates of Mr. Virtual World do an avant garde styling competition about 3 or 4 months ago and showed them a picture of Gaultier's latest collection. After that, I have seen male Avant-Garde done over and over to the point I miss a nice pair of jeans and a t-shirt! - Who knew? This was one of the inpiration pics I showed.
  10. I love this look you have in the picture... It´s like Saint Laurent meets Gaultier! Beautiful!
  11. Hi Sasy: I totally agree! I sometimes check the contents of a box to see the different layers available and sometimes I will NOT buy a shirt of a suit unless it has all the layers I want. Great advise! Fro
  12. Edi Boy: Some other possibilities for male skins are: Akeruka, The body Co (pretty new), Signature, Tableau Vivant, Cheerno, Aitui, Logo, Ispachi and of course Belleza. Know any more? Please help me!
  13. Hi Carilynn I am actually pretty good at predictions... I predicted RED would be THE color of the season and that's why 2 months ago I decided to make an ALL red fashion show for BOSL FASHION WEEK 2011. Yesteday at the Emmy's we saw the most amazing couture in RED by some of the most fashionable and fab actresses. Don't miss it Carilynn - Go red girl! And yes ... mix it, match it and do anything you want ... it's all about the possibilities and how far we can take them. Expect a lot of ugly mesh at first (just like the sculpties when they first came out) but also expect incredibly beautful things to happen over time. I am very excited to see where this is all going.
  14. Hi Cherry: Thank you for your kind words on BOSL FASHION WEEK 2011 - I agree Bryn Oh and Gizza are just brilliant. The builder of the red light stage is Fae Varriale - not sure where she is from though. This will be such a cool show, I hope you won't sleep through this one! About photogtaphy - BOSL is always looking for fresh talent. send me your flickr page and I will certainly take a look at it. Thank you so much!
  15. Hi Guapa! Hezabel I actually do see the change in the last year or so. If you think male fashion is still limited now, you have no idea ther headaches I went through in 2007! I see a LOT of great designs for man now ... Labels like GIZZA, MIAMAI, Hoorenbeek Tableau Vivant, Aoharu, Gabriel, Muism, Mr. Poet, etc etc have done wonders for the male fashion industry! So I have nothing to complain!
  16. Caffi darling The only way to make it to the top in ANY business in real life or second life is to work hard and raise above the rest! Be innovative, style to aww your audience, strike poses that are accurate but also to the highest level of interest, get involved in competitions and most of all bring something new to the table! Good luck to you Caffi!
  17. Hi Aphrodite Yes! I wrote about the fine line between the real world and the virtual world in my publisher's note in THE BEST OF SL Magazine and I really believe this line is growing thinner every day. I lost Vivienne Westwood's phone number a while back but here is her website where you can contact her offices! http://www.viviennewestwood.co.uk/ You are welcome girl!
  18. Hi Straw!! I completely agree with you and Jax... a model who changes EVERYTHING everyday, eventually becomes unrecognizable and hence an anonymous avatar. Make yourself recognizable, unique and fabulous. Experiment with everything you want, but make sure you keep some elements that make you recognizable and yourself!
  19. Hi Ponchita! I believe that people like to experiment with new things in virtual worlds. While modeling may or may not be something people have done in the real world, modeling is always an exciting carreer in either life. I, personally found modeling by accident in Second Life (I was talking to Maddox Dupont about my shape and Kirk saw me and asked me if I wanted to be a model... I was like - Can I do that?...) and found it very exciting. I also think that fashion designers are truly greatful of the abilities models have to really bring their creations to amazing new heights. Modeling in Second LIfe is far more than owning an AO and striking some poses. It's the ART of styling and posing perfectly to inspire others and sell the outfit that you are showing. Unfunately you usually have 30 seconds to do it on the runway so make every move count. I think modeling in SL is challenging ponchi and perhaps very very hard to make it all the way to the top (only 1 out of 1000 will ever be recognized as a fabulous model) - Difficult challenges are always appealing to the human nature and maybe this is why it's so popular.
  20. Also wanted to share the spectacular opening of BOSL FASHION WEEK 2011 - What did you guys think about Bryn Oh's incredible stage and Gizza's new releases? http://thebosl.com/bosl_blog/2011/09/bosl-fashion-week-2011-a-spectacular-opening/
  21. Good morning guys! Here to share some of the vast information we at BOSL have gathered about great fashion in Second Life! feel free to share and ask away! These people do know it all!
  22. Can be many different things: a) You are bannedfrom the land. b) The land could be closed for all public. c) You are not age verified, and the land is adult. d) No payment info.
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