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  1. The gacha resell market will die because there will be no influx. The way it works is the new shiny things attract customers. Gacha machines attract customers to items, and then they go to resellers to find the exact item they want and hope to find it at a decent price. Now you have none of that. you just have Word of mouth? Random find on MP when you are looking for something? thats IF someone has correctly labelled it rather than just "gacha Sale" Anyone who believes this will result in no loss for gacha resellers, and will result in a "bigger better" economy. Are naive to the supreme Its one reason why cigarettes are still sold despite knowing they kill people. No country can afford the loss tot he economy
  2. So Gacha's gone. all that revenue is now gone. Events that were based on these, gone. Reseller market. Gone. all this does is help kill an already dying economy
  3. Top tip. If your seeing lines / shading issues I've noticed using Nam's Beach Scene windlight setting has erased alot of these issues
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