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  1. Clarify completely seperate from the avatar. Not attached to the avatar in anyway we have wonderful breedable animals that are a big source of the economy in the sl would. That are very animated and take very little resources, is the new world Sansar should look at what is currently being done to not cut out this great resource and communities.
  2. Regarding Sansar platform, currently a creator of a breedable animal would love to see the ablity to animate a mesh object un attacted from the avatar with out having to use the invisinble prim option. To work similar to our animals that we currently use sculpties for. To create a indepenant animated animal for avatars to interact with. Hope that makes sense.
  3. Was able to find some help from in world group. The person suggested "the few times they have crashed when uploading images have been when the texture file is buried deep in a nest of folders.... try to keep what you want to upload only a folder or two from the desktop and be sure that its a png or preferrably a tga file.... avoid other formats I moved the desired image which was a png to a new folder at the top of the nest if you will and the file uploaded with no crashing.
  4. I Have had the same problem used the fixed on the link provided until today that worked fine. Now I can not even get to the close the selection window before I crash. The process does not seem to be able to be saved and am not sure what causes it to go off list. Is there any other advice on how to correct the issue?
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