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  1. Has the behavior of tpto changed lately? I ask because I have cages in Pirandello Bay that suddenly have started acting up. When you click to capture someone into a cage, they are sent to the sim landing point and not the cage. This only affects some types of cages, namely cages that use tpto to force sit. Other cages and devices work perfectly. Vitals: RLV, Blue Steel Sim, the one being force sat using a RLV enabled viewer, the one doing the force sitting can use any viewer. This is 100% reproduceable with some cages and is not a problem with other. The parcel has landing point routing on parcel level. Avatars in the land group are not affected as they can teleport anywhere. On region level "Allow Direct teleports" is enabled. Is this "old" or something that has been around for a while? I just noticed now.
  2. I have a nVida 780, getting the same issues. So it may not be just old cards. The issues started last Tuesday or Wednesday, I have never had them before. They seem to happen when teleporting. So this may be a new issue that creeped into the code. The full message I am getting is: ERROR: llrender/llvertexbuffer.ccp(1665) memory alloc for vertex data failed.
  3. I have one sim, Adult Hub, where I have raised water level to 40 meters and raised surrounding sims to "tuck in" the water at the sim edges. All looks reasonably OK and works OK (Linden waters look a whopping lot better than prim water), except that the view from the sim is mildly confusing as it assumes that the water level in any unoccupied surrounding sim should also be 40 meters, even vacant sims next to sims that have 20 meter as water level. If this is unclear, please have a look at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Adult%20Hub/128/128/57. Moving to the surrounding sims, water level in all sims seem to be 20 meters, and this is also the case in vacant map plots that are shown with water level 40 from the sim with Linden waters at 40 meters. Another "funny" effect is that if I cam out past the sim border into a 20 meter water level sim and move my camera down, I go "under water" when passing 40 meters, even if the sim my camera is in has a 20 meter water level. I WISH there was some sort of variable to set in the sim, like (the imaginary) "ll$water_level_in_unoccupied_spots_surrounding_this_sim" that could be set to an appropriate value, say 20 meters :) Linden waters is so much better than prim waters. Anyone out there with different ideas? Suggestions? Any Lindens that can fix this? Anyone? Serjourn Daxter
  4. But as of this moment, the builds are going up the way a community center should. It's looking like an adult version of a mix between Help People Island, The Shelter, and Caledon Oxebridge - except I didn't see a place to hold classes yet. Well, DT Zanzibar - teaching areas are now in place (two of them) in the central sim, as per your request. To the others - we have many possibilitiest to accomodate special wishes, we are not "built to the max" - yet. Reasonable requests are always very, very welcome. We don't have all the answers, we will never and we base ourselves on listening. Kindly Serjourn Daxter
  5. Time for some facts: I am the one behind the Freedom Continent as an idea. It all started with the "Zindra exodus". Instead of moving to Zindra, we joined up private islands, slowly growing into what became "The Freedom Continent". We attempted to attend the Blondin meetings, but after being told to shut up once because we were "non-Zindrains" and totally ignored on two later meetings, we stopped wasting time going there. Instead we formed firm and less firm alliances, some moving their sims to join the continent, others cooperating in terms of events and cross marketing. It was around this time that we established the concept of the Freedom Continent. At the sime time we established a management structure to be able to properly handle the sims, quite a challenge as we had many different owners involved, but we succeeded and the Saturday Manager's meetings now work well, although we have recently had to expand the skybox where we meet. We got hold of the bid for the hub, made a proposal and obviously impressed Linden Labs as they awarded us the contract. We pay for the sims on commercial terms, and I have choosen to rent the sims from Angelic Estates rather than owning them myself, due to the European VAT issues and the reduced need for investment capital. The use of the Zindra name was no big deal for us, it is a name rarely used in search and it just "floated through" in the contract dealings. After a group of residents approached us and explained their concerns, we asked Linden Labs for a name change as the name was important to the Zindra groups and not us, and could be misleading if used by us. The 5 (yes, not 4 but 5) sims are now built and ready and officially opening at 11am SLT Saturday December 3rd. Many vendors have choosen to come and set up, still we have worked hard to aviod making it a gigant mall. By having higher prices and fewer vendors, we manage that to a reasonable degree. There is at the moment no commercial activity except an art gallery in the central sim, so that sim is "carried" by the other four. Rather than have opinions on the sims, why not visit them, and provide feedback? These sims will only work if they add value. If they add value, they are valuable to the merchants and the users. We are very open for cooperation, like that we are offering space in pavillions in the RP sims for people wanting to have staff there. Come, look, provide feedback, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Adult%20Hub/152/152/55 is the SLURL to the central sim. From there you can get info and start visiting other sims, on and off the Freedom Continent and the Zindra continent.
  6. It is finally the day: People have worked long and hard, builders, designers, staff managers, text writers, scripters, toy makers, landscapers. The result is what you can see now inworld around the sim called simply: Adult HUB. You land in a sim central to all the adult lands. It has 4 "gateway sims" connected to it. Here you can go south, to a Gor Introduction center called Ipsum Lorem, if you just want "play and no hassle" - go west to the sim called "Adult Hub Sex". If capture games and roleplay are your thing, then go east from the hub, and you find BDSM and Fetish to the north. The four gateway sims are "appetizers", that is they provide an introduction, but we hope people will use adboards, landmark packs and advice of the staff to find their way into the part of ADULT SL that interests them. We want traffic to flow through us, we want people to like SL and become regulars. Sims can also do a grid move and juin the rapidly growing continent. That makes them land linked and visible from the hub sims. The BDSM sector is already pretty big. One sim has so far joined on the RP sector and one on the sex sector. None have joined in tge Gor sector yet, so there is a prime location available for the first one to react. Grid moves are (unfortuenately) subject to standard LL move fees (100 or 150 USD depending). Come have a look, explore and enjoy! All shop areas are open for renting, all adboards likewise. Infopoles help people find their way. And we have room for sims to staff pavillions or parts of a sim. Staffing a pavillion is a great way to profile your sim, and it costs you nothing. Contact me if you are interested.
  7. Thank you Lasher Oh for your positive comments! You raise a few issues that should be properly answered. I am not running the 5 HUB sims to "make big bucks" - and contrary to popular belief, these sims are rented from a realestate agency, who have gotten them from Linden Labs at commercial terms and pay standard monthly fees. So I have tiers to cover, each month. I can either have many inexpensive shop/ad spaces of fewer and more expensive ones. It is my goal that the sum of all income calculated across all 5 sims, should cover my monthly land fees with an 80% occupancy rate. Initially I have chosen fewer, but rather expensive boards/shop spaces, although the rate varies by the sim based on (anticipated) popularity. I still have a bit of work until I reach my 80% occupancy target. Smaller startup businesses have asked for less expensive options soI am considering some "small vendor markets", low prim, low price, less central locations but still good locations. If they are a success, I will adjust overall pricing accordingly when I have paid down my "startup costs". Finally, to your main point Lasher Oh: I was unaware that the boards did not provide a click counter. I have looked at them and can not see why, as the functionality is in them. You can even, as a renter, turn on IM notification when clicked. As board owner I get another menu than the renters, so I need you to contact me inworld (after this weekend) so we can figure out why things are not working as they should. Kindly Serjourn Daxter
  8. The new adult hub is now operational, and featured in the Destination Guide (DG), http://secondlife.com/destinations/adult/newcomer. This is a great place to start exploring the adult side of SecondLife. The hub is still being improved, so feedback is welcome. We are now running a 2 week ramp up period to get the hub streamlined and the quirks out of the system, and will launch officially on December 2nd. Stay tuned for updates.
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