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  1. Hi Danny If it's a Linden home I had the same problem. I didn't get my email. I viewed my dashboard (the SL log in page) and clicked the link you choose to pick your home. I then right clicked the region where it said it was and copied the slurl to clipboard. And pasted it in world in chat. Then clicked the hyperlink in the local chat. It opened up a map to the location of the house. Sounds complicated but it worked for me Rowana
  2. Not online but shouting. Is the text green? I'm thinking it may be an object in someones house. Message was edited by: Rowana Rolland----I respond to slow lol. Others beat me to it
  3. Hi dragonpink, I've upgraded and downgraded a few times..and when I downgraded I still got the 50L per week. I'm premium again so getting the 500L per week stipend now. So no you won't lose the 50L per week based on my experience. I was getting the 50L before I upgraded and that was about a week ago. And I downgraded previous to that. My account is from Oct 2005. Rowana
  4. Sy.Beck wrote: Just to be clear, you said you sold your land a long time ago; how long ago? Even if it was 3 weeks and 6 days ago and you regard that as a long time you may still have been liable for a tier charge. The payment doesn't correlate to any membership payment unless you had more than zero in there before the transaction. Your sig says you are a former mentor so I've presumed you've checked your account and any recent transaction activity. Barring all that I can only suggest you contact billing again to get it clarified and resolved. I called (thank you Irene for the number) and that is the reason. I had land that was sold on 02/04/2010. And being charged "one more time" because I had it. My account was suspended at that time so I didn't get the funds from the sale. The land was set to group so the officers received the sale proceeds. As to how was I able to sell it if I was suspended. There was another owner in the group, she put it up for sale. Thank you all for responding. I always wondered why people say they want to leave SL. Not a good sign when a program makes you cry RL. =-Ex Mentor and resident since 2005-= Rowana Rolland
  5. I'm basic. You can't contribute tier if you are a basic account holder. As far as I know anyways
  6. Due to lack of an edit button. I checked my transactions history and the last time I received Premium stripend was on 02/09/2010. That was 2 weeks ago. So I downgraded quite some time ago.
  7. I just received an email from LL that they were unable to bill my account. I'm guessing for membership. Confusing part is, I downgraded last week and I am basic atm. It even states as much on my account page. I am now negative $8.00 USD. Why am I being billed if I am a basic account holder? I obviously do not own land, I sold that a long time ago. Now once again I might get my account disabled which is why I downgraded in the first place. My credit card changed how to load funds and paypal is having issues with my bank account. My question is: why am I being billed? I'm hoping a Linden can help with this. Things sure changed since 2005. To add I tried to send a support ticket. But had to chose basic. Guess what, they don't have one for billing because basic doesn't "have" billing for membership. -= Ex Mentor and resident since 2005=- Rowana Rolland
  8. Eithne.McBride wrote: just for clarification - if you log in for a week, you get the L$50 and if you don't log in, you don't? I've never really paid attention since it's the first account I ever had. Eithne is my most used one and I found this thread while looking for info on benefits of upgrading that account to a premium membership. thanks for your help! I second that from experience. I didn't log in for 2 weeks (not premium atm) and was expecting 100L. No stripened. (account is from 2005 btw) Looked it up and you have to at least log in once a week. Rowa
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