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  1. For reference, my account is a basic account that falls under this basic account criteria: "Basic accounts created prior to June 6, 2006 receive a stipend of L$50 per week". All I want to know is: if I go to premium and then downgrade back to basic at some random point in time in the future, will I lose access to this 50L a week stipend once my account is basic again?
  2. It costs me a grand total of a minute once a week to log in and get this. It's as close to free L as one can get. Message was edited by: dragonpink Fairymeadow
  3. I realize I lose the premium stipend and all the other associated benefits. It's my current age-based basic stipend I'm worried about not getting back.
  4. I have a fairly old basic avatar that I was considering finally upgrading to premium, but stopped short when a friend of mine, whose avatar is about the same age, wondered what would happen if I went back to basic. See, the avatar is old enough that it already gets a minor weekly stipend. I'm concerned that if I upgrade to premium and then downgrade later, I'll lose that minor stipend. Yeah, it's only 50L a week, but free L is free L, you know? I looked around and couldn't really find anything on this, but if I just didn't look closely enough to find my answer, I'm very sorry.
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