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  1. Still have more work to do - but here's the start of my houseboat
  2. I missed the initial release. I had notifications for the forum turned on and never got an email. I came in from mowing the yard - checked on my phone - and saw the new ones were live. I ran down and got on the PC and at first there was a home - just what I wanted! But it was gone before I could get it. Then the same thing happened with the houseboat next. Then for about 5 minutes it just showed old houses. suddenly a houseboat popped up and I snagged it - when I went in world to see it - there was a person there and they were in a chair. My guess is they had - foolishly perhaps - tried to pla
  3. I almost snagged a house last night. I was refreshing the page on my second monitor every so often and for the first time since the initial release - I saw the new continent and new home option. But I couldn't name it and click accept on the next page fast enough - someone got it before me XD So don't lose hope - it's still very possible that someone will decide they don't like the new stuff.
  4. I recently did a clean reformat on my Gateway laptop that had shipped with Windows Vista x64, I upgraded it to Windows 7 x64. I have downloaded all driver updates, and all Windows updates up to and including Service Pack 1. When I try to open any viewer, whether it is Viewer 2 or a 3rd Party viewer such as Phoenix, It does the following: Detecting hardware... Initializing VSF... Opens up the window that SHOULD be the login screen, but the viewers lock up there. I have done everything I could think of or find online: Uninstalled and reinstalled the viewers Deleted the Secondlife Data from the
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