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  1. Still have more work to do - but here's the start of my houseboat
  2. I missed the initial release. I had notifications for the forum turned on and never got an email. I came in from mowing the yard - checked on my phone - and saw the new ones were live. I ran down and got on the PC and at first there was a home - just what I wanted! But it was gone before I could get it. Then the same thing happened with the houseboat next. Then for about 5 minutes it just showed old houses. suddenly a houseboat popped up and I snagged it - when I went in world to see it - there was a person there and they were in a chair. My guess is they had - foolishly perhaps - tried to play the lottery and get a better spot. I had a normal house pop up last night when I was refreshing - but it was taken before I could get it. I'd just keep looking - people will abandon them. But LL didn't exclude a country or time zone. They just went soooo fast as soon as they did go live. A matter of minutes for over 700 houseboats to get claimed is insane when you think about it. That's a LOT of people spamming the refresh button. I know someone who went to the bathroom just before the release went live - came back and they were all gone. LL watches the forums - Patch did make an announcement about them being released in 24 hours - something people wanted. But doing that kind of is a double edge sword. Yes you know a more exact time frame - but so does everyone else. 😕 All you can do is keep trying - and LL will release more.
  3. I almost snagged a house last night. I was refreshing the page on my second monitor every so often and for the first time since the initial release - I saw the new continent and new home option. But I couldn't name it and click accept on the next page fast enough - someone got it before me XD So don't lose hope - it's still very possible that someone will decide they don't like the new stuff.
  4. I recently did a clean reformat on my Gateway laptop that had shipped with Windows Vista x64, I upgraded it to Windows 7 x64. I have downloaded all driver updates, and all Windows updates up to and including Service Pack 1. When I try to open any viewer, whether it is Viewer 2 or a 3rd Party viewer such as Phoenix, It does the following: Detecting hardware... Initializing VSF... Opens up the window that SHOULD be the login screen, but the viewers lock up there. I have done everything I could think of or find online: Uninstalled and reinstalled the viewers Deleted the Secondlife Data from the Users folder and reboot - no luck Running the viewers as Administrator Installed: DirectX, Quicktime, all .Net Frameworks, C++ redistrubutable (I've seen programs need it) All Windows Updates are applied, as are all driver updates. I've never had a problem like this... The very same laptop ran SL fine, all viewers, with Windows Vista x64... If I HAVE to go back to Vista I will, but I really don't want to, Windows 7 is running much better on my machine. Anyone have any suggestions for anything else to try before I throw in the towel?  -Viper EDITS: SP1 is the latest service pack available to Windows 7 64 bit. Windows XP got up to SP3. I tried the method described at http://www.geekblogger.org/2010/10/second-life-game-initializing-vfs-error.html with no sucess I've had a computer do the initializing VSF error, but this is different. It clears that part of the loading, but when the login UI box should pop up for me to enter my user name and login, it locks up at that point. ESET Smart Security is installed on the laptop, but it has never caused problems before. For testing I disabled the firewall and antivirus/malware parts of the security software and the login screen still freezes. EDITS 2: Uninstalled both SL Viewers, deleted the folders in userdata, and prefetch data, rebooted, reinstalled, same problem. Doesn't matter if it's viewer 2 or a 3rd party viewer :( Laptop has 3 gigs of DDR2 ram - I don't see that being an issue.
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