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  1. Hello, I'm curious how much it would cost to have someone make a custom EvoX skin for my avatar? I'm just looking around at prices, not for sure going to do it yet. The thought of having a unique custom EvoX skin for my avatar is cool though.
  2. KatrinaSvetlana is my in game name, please send me some info
  3. If you want to add me in game, my name is KatrinaSvetlana Im always up for a chat and making new friends and there's never any pressure or expectations to hang or anything. I like to go deal shopping with my wife so I might send ya an invite but again, never any pressure. Im introverted so I understand the draining effect of being around people and the anxiety.
  4. I would advise you try out the Eve Fusion body. It can morph to fit legacy, LaraX and Maitreya. So its a good start for upgrading your avatar and then later on you can try something else! I also have many mesh bodies and heads, so Im always happy to help you out with figuring out which works best for you
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