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  1. Hey Emit. I'm wagering you're still trying to get a credit processed (your reason for needing the answer to your security question). Has LL processed your credit yet? I notice "Kristin Linden" wasted no time closing your thread on that matter. I put in a similar request late February (for a credit of less than $40 US). Yes, late February. They have a copy of my U.S. Passport, a copy of a tax document verifying my U.S. address, in response to *their* request. They certainly have no qualms about accepting payments from my U.S. credit card or bank account. I too anxiously await ANY correspondence on this matter. If getting my money back out of second life is like pulling teeth, then I'm starting to have serious doubts about the feasibility of starting a creative business here. And +1 Lindal Kidd: I too have a spreadsheet with this kind of stuff recorded. But 13 years ago when I created my account, I had no idea I still be poking around this place.
  2. default{ state_entry(){ integer fm = llGetFreeMemory(); if (fm < 1024){ state panic; } } // state_entry } // default state panic{ state_entry(){ llAttemptGarbageCollection(); llFreakOut(); llHaltAndCatchFire(); } } Here because I had this exact list limit question. There's also this, where LepreKhaun 'splains that the 64k limit has some flexibility under mono:
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