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  1. Good question for which sadly I can't provide clear answer myself. Well main argument against is that vaccine against flu isn't 100% resistant. I got even few friends which took in past flu vaccine (before Covid) and in some cases, they fallen sick. Or said vaccine worked for one year but next year it didn't - not only that... their immunological response was way stronger to flu. Overall flu done more damage than Covid at least so far did in Poland. It's curious case to be said. As said, what I related to was my point of perspective. Which is Polish side of things. USA works a bit differently, that one for sure. My guess it's vaccination against overseas viruses - just to not bring some exotic virus to US. In my opinion vaccinations shouldn't be mandatory unless at least vaccine don't pass all needed tests. We can survive 2 more years, we all feared Covid gonna end world but fears turned out to be unjustifed. We still need to be careful tho. Well then I don't understand that push for restrictions and punishments for anyone unvaccinated? Recently goverment litteraly threatened people who were unvaccinated over national TV. In that way you push fears even further instead of relaxing people over vaccination.
  2. So I don't see how there is factual information related to why this "safe" vaccine isn't required by law like most vaccines for life-threating diseases are. More like arguments toward why vaccines are not threat to health. Then my question is, why they aren't lawfully required? In Poland at least we got mechanism to make pretty much 99,9% of society vaccinated but goverment take responsibility for that. If it's in phase of testing - okey. Then why won't we wait this 2 years for it to pass offical test but so hard on it? Why people like you and goverment slowly trying to dehumanize me for legit concern? I said I would be pretty much ready for vaccination if goverment would make it a required vaccination. So no I'm not against vaccine. So who isn't listening? Pretty much it was you, it turns out in the end. And dunno why bidding me farewell was in quotation. You really don't want me to be well? Might as well tell me to ***** off. I prefer being direct over hiding behind false pleasantries. No, no - that's not what I meant. I'm glad EU recognize their safety but what we have in Poland are national mechanisms to nationally distribute vaccine among all population - making it lawfully mandatory - this is case with vaccines for example against tuberculosis, measles or polio. Yet Polish goverment instead of making mandatory vaccination tries to force people to vaccinate in other ways. That's suspicious to say at least. I dunno how it's for each national goverment, I know some nations don't have mandatory vaccines but for Poland situation looks like this... When it comes to Poland the most popular are AstraZeneca one but it's not uncommon to be vaccinated with Moderna or Pfizer. Johnson&Johnson is slowly distributed as well.
  3. Doesn't work unless I rejoin sim again. Better than relog, still not perfect. Yeah but that I know. I want to know is there is workaround to not have to do that.
  4. Care to explain how exactly this is hogwash? If any counterarguments to what I said previously was presented here, please repost them to my reply.
  5. This does fix it on my side but everyone else still see this glitch.
  6. I got some issue which makes my life in Second Life harder. So basically when I switch from Euro Dragon by i monster back to Jomo Dragon my entire head for Jomo Dragon becomes really disshaped and nothing really can help other than relog. While okey, this is in some way a solution, I want one which doesn't involve relog. I tried some of Undeformers, including one kit full of em. Nothing really works. Gestures tied to commands for undeforming, objects which are supposed to fix that, part of clothing which also should do that. Nothing. Resetting manually avatar does work on that although that is only for you or anyone who decides to use it. Therefore it's easy to earn "Why the long face?" comments making fun of that when I would just decide to do that. Are there any way to fix that in-game for everyone, not just me or interested party without relogging? Screens attached below to show issue:
  7. I mean one big no which is not talked at all in media for me with vaccination is that - this vaccinations are still in phase of tests. Therefore by taking this vaccinations now, you as person take part in medical experiment - any consequences from vaccines are therefore on you. Tbh. I'm suprised nobody presented documents to sign up in many cases of people who vaccinated around me but that can be arbitrary Poland thing and you "agree by default" (current goverment of Poland is known rn. for doing very shady *****) If you want me to vaccinate, make it required vaccine. Then responsibility for any health issues is on nation, not on me. It tells a lot that Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson&Johnson refuse to take responsibility for THEIR OWN vaccines but also national goverments. Why would I then place any trust in them?
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