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  1. Thank you for your comments.I have identified that the issue is caused by the Genus head typing animation. Quistessa is correct that it does not appear to have a resting animation, so appears to select last one used, although I have not completed debugging. Thank you for the reference to "Developer > Avatar > Animation", Lucia, That is most useful to know. I did look but had not spent a lot of time on it before I realised I had the typing animation on. Switching it off solved my problem and as this is a gift head, I can't really complain. Thanks again
  2. My avatars facial expression changes when I type. The script/animation clearly has a bug because it leaves me with an inane smile when complete. I do not know where this animation is coming from is it does not appear in my AO and it happens even when the AO is deactivated. I have a Genus head, but a friend has the same one and does not have this issue. I am using Firestorm, but the issue is also present in the SL standard viewer. Is there a way of seeing which animation is running as I type?
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