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  1. This has been going on for a few hours now and only started today. Everytime i zoom in or change the camera angle her skin gets darker and even spreads to my baby, but it's only in the middle and no other part of her body changes. And when I look at others things such as furniture they don't change at all. I don't know if it's something on my avi, or if it's the camera/viewer itself.. Edit: This does not occur when deferred rendering is off (though i want deferred rendering on because It looks better :/)
  2. I found out how to fix it, cleared the cache
  3. Hello. I use Black Dragon viewer and I used to have 19k objects in my inventory. I didn't notice until my poses folder was literally empty, all it had was the folders for the poses, but every pose inside of those folders are gone. I now have only 13k objects, and none are in trash or lost and found. Please help
  4. What's your name in sl and time zone? I can hit you up when I'm on if you want
  5. Hi ^^ I'm also a bit new to sl (despite having the acc for 1+ year-only played these past couple months) but I can help you out with the knowledge I have ❤️ We having similar interests such as gaming, music and shopping, i love to rp (haven't done it much in sl yet </3) plus I'm part of lgbtq+ if you don't mind that I'm quite introverted but i get comfortable around people easily and I treat my friends like my sisters 😌 IM me anytime! - Hera Meili (celestiallhaun)
  6. I love your avi 😮💕
  7. When I say glowups, I mean compare your avi from when you first joined, to now
  8. Yall got some avi glows ups to show? Aight Ill go first
  9. Im the exact same way! Im also introverted, love music, and dancing. Im quite active and started playing last month despite being a year old account. We should talk sometime
  10. Hii! I am also a minor, female, and bi(taken)! Though im quite introverted, i'd love to talk to you sometime! It's very difficult finding people around my age range on SL and hard to get a grasp of the game but if you'd like we can explore and go through journeys together! (Just a reminder, don't let anyone put you down for being plural, you're just like everyone and have a special place in this world :D) I hope we can chat soon and hang out sometime (Edit: my @ CelestialLhaun :))
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