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  1. Ahh this is EXCELLENT!!! I think that's a great fix for me thank you so much, you just made my day!!!
  2. Hello all, so I create shapes and my primary avatar recently opened a store. I created this second account so I could work in peace and not feel bad about having friends feel ignored plus I really rather not have all that extra inventory of heads etc in my primary account. My issue is that if I create a shape in my working account avi (this one) it doesn't name my other avi as creator and I really would prefer it did. Is there a way to change creator? I own the originals and transfer it with all permissions of course. Thanks so much
  3. This is awesome info thanks so much!!! This is exactly what I needed!!
  4. Thanks so much, you guys are so great for helping!! I would love to know how to make it an alpha, I was able to go in and make sure the sliders were at 0. Maitimo yes I am using the scalp alpha but sometimes you see some red brain through the hairline. They should give us a brain alpha hah hah and then we'd have even more hair options.
  5. Hello, so I am wearing the Catwa HD Pro eyebrows as you said and I am still going through the same thing. Did you happen to find anymore fixes for this? Would love to know finding hair is impossible!!
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