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  1. Hi, help Im still new to sl and havent found the right kind of mesh clothes without it being too sexual. Short clothes is okay. Any stores you recommend that has a combination of casual and its also trendy girly and feminine? Also a style that complements an asian looking avatar.
  2. This is for taking a portrait picture preferably looking for sims with soft pink undertones, it can be either nature or built up places, just looking for that clear soft lighting, and you can also recommend me some others that you recommend ❤️ if you know some that are your favourites i'm also open to try
  3. Hi, can ayone tell me where i can find a cool jacket like this? I saw on an sl advertising poster on this model https://flic.kr/p/2hufw6z
  4. I found the sneakers one, left a comment under the video and she responded to it
  5. I checked and saw that too, its nothing relevant to what shoes shes wearing
  6. hi I'm looking for these two items below high waisted pink shorts I saw on a poster (or something similar to the design), and the other sl youtube blogger link is the white sneakers that the girl is wearing in her video. Thanks much appreciated. : https://www.teleporthub.com/group-gifts/rita-idle-animation-pose-march-2021-group-gift-by-lyrium/ and
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