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  1. Same issue .... Login not working
  2. I think i found the bug in Firestorm: It's an issue with the Quick Preferences: I always use the the dropdown menus in the quick preferences and it goes like this: SKY: Day cycle preset Water: Day cycle preset Day cycle: i click 'Shared environment' and it jumps to the SS ATMOS 6 or (something else) If i click on the day cycle i made it also shows this day cycle in Day Cycle but still: The time is not right. If i choose World -> Environment -> Use Shared Environment the field Day Cycle in the Quick Prefs menu shows none but finally: The day cycle works. Another Intersting fact is that if you choose daycycle: none in the Quick Prefs menu it does NOT work either because it jumps to SS ATMOS 6 again. The easiest way to get the parcel's daycycle is to click the big X right to the Personal Lightning button. Thank you for your help! Vic
  3. Hi! I made a 24 hour cycle and it works like a charm in the Blue Dragon viewer but in Firestorm something seems to be wrong with the time offset. The parcel is set to 24 hours of course and the offset is zero (London time) and in About Land the slider also shows the correct postion. E.g. 0% at midnight RL time and 50% at noon. But the actual windlight is somewhere in time. Any suggestions? Thanks! Vic
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