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  1. On the main viewer, I would like to remove the search bar on the menu tool bar. I went through all the Preferences and menu options. Either I am blind or there was a clear option to check or uncheck to remove the search bar. Please help. Thanks.
  2. I have tried this several times. This method does not hide the Library Folder.
  3. Thank you! I will remember to set it to "unconstrained." I do not have many objects with 2 menus, but this will come in handing with those that do.
  4. I use the Version for Bento... V5, I think. I will have to do this in the morning. The only ISP we can get is HughesNet, and saying it sucks would be too weak. Even their new Gen5 is a joke: $100 for 30GB/mo plus 50GB bonus (2 am to 8 am local time... in my case EST). We have Gen4 15GB/mo with the same bonus. Thank for your help. Firestorm will work with those objects with 2 menus.
  5. GREAT! Thank you. I will try it out. I love the sky settings.
  6. I think Firestorm is the only viewer (that I have used) that can deal with two menus popping up at the same time. Why I don't use it anymore, the favorites bar does not save my ordering of said landmarks.
  7. I have a few objects that want to open two menus at the same time, but I can only get access to the last one given. How do I get access to all of them?
  8. There is an issue with a possiblity of Windows 10 build 10240 that does not save the preferences of viewers. Two that have serious issues: Firestorm--> The mode does not change. Alchemy, the preferences do not save except the colors. Everything else one has to reset everytime one logs in. Due to this, I have to believe the location of where this information is stored Windows 10 erases. I have to assume (yes dangerous to assume anything) that this is a security issue that Microsoft is using with Windows 10. I believe it clears any possible dangers that we all can collect online. Wha
  9. With Internet Service Providers like AT&T DSL, how will SecondLIfe be effected with the 150GB bandwidth caps. Will this be the end of SecondLife and the Internet we know it to be today?
  10. That might me contradictive. The purpose of any online network is social in one way or the other--including SecondLife.
  11. I agree and disagree on the fan fair of Google Plus. I see great things, but the structure is at tiems... not all that good. Just the same they are young. I think the biggest deal with Google is just that... GOOGLE. When a company goes 100% propriatary, no matter how good things have been--especially online, it all falls hard--like a gliding 2 ton object. Right now, Facebook (to me anyhow) a pain in the bums! Again, the rich dude is becing 100% propriatary. Anyhow, thanks for you feedback. See you in SL.
  12. Thanks for the URL. I booked marked it for future use.
  13. I have read recently that Facebook does not like for SecondLife users to share things on their service due to the SLURL link. I fully do not understand it, but I right now cannot change their decision. I also have noticed that businesses in SL are using Google Plus to advertise their products and the like. It got me interested to ask will SecondLife being doing a G+ chare like Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter. Right now, I cannot share photos on Facebook. See you in SecondLife. :smileyvery-happy:
  14. I personly would like Linden Labs to investigate this item. I think it is a fraud as the day is long. 125 prims and minging for bitcoins is not as easy as it once was. Most important, nothing is free in life. If you want income to spend in real life or SecondLife you have to earn it. In SL you can get 300L$/week by being a premium account, or you can add real money into your account or both.
  15. As of June 4, 2914, I have not received my weekly stipends on Tuesday, June 3, 2014. Has the days we get this stripends changed? In the years I have a premium account, this is the first time this has happened. I have checked my L$ transactions and nothing has shown regarding the 300L$ I have gotten each and every Tuesday. If any more information from Linden Labs needs more in formation from me, pleae let me know. Let's get this issue solved ASAP. Thanks.
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