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  1. If you would like to apply for a position please send me an IM so we can discuss work experience, availability, timezone, and other details about the position being applied for.
  2. Sorry about the delay, with yesterday being a holiday I was AFK busy with RL plans. Notecard and IM have been received and responded to, we'll be sending out hiring notifications by the end of today EST.
  3. Seduction Apartments is in it's final stages of development! SA will be offering apartments (both furnished and unfurnished) as well as a few flat lots for rent. The land rating is Adult, so no teens or children will be allowed on the sim at any point. We're currently looking for a marketing manager, a property manager, and an interior designer. Each of these roles will have their own responsibilities and will be paid (in Lindens) for their time. They will also receive a profit share for each rental payment (Handled in CasperTech) and also be issued a free rental of their choosing. Below are the roles and responsibilities of each position we are looking for. Property Manager (Hiring!) Check prim limits for each tenant and report any objects outside of rentals Assist with setting rental values and costs Address any tenant complaints/reports Marketing Manager (Position Filled) Handle and maintain advertising to drive traffic Optimize the land and group profiles with URLs, links, keywords, etc. Send announcements and invites Interior Designer (Hiring!) Purchase furniture and décor with budget provided for our furnished apartments Arrange and manage floorplans/layouts for units If interested in either positions, please send notecard or IM to me in-world here, or reply to this thread.
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