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  1. Thanks for trying to help. I think i`ve given up anyhow. Never had this issue before when I was in SL 2007-2019.
  2. Ive tried cancelling accounts and starting with new ones. After a few trys, all accounts have this issue.
  3. all I get is a black thing going round and round. no message.
  4. I just want to be able to go premium and also get some lindens. My avatar is still basic and I would like to customise her. I have sent a report to SL but no reply yet. Just wondered if the issue is with me? In the Uk or a bigger issue?
  5. Hi I am in Uk. Getting Lindens doesn`t seem to work, it is broken? All I see is a black circle going round and round. Trying to add payment method, as well as trying to add payment card to go premium. All I get is a black circle going round and round. No message.
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