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  1. I was looking for the location of the club and I found it I’ll definitely check the place out 😊
  2. Hello there I visited the club but there was no one there I just wanted to ask if you were still hiring, I’m really interested.
  3. 1. go the preferences (ctrl p) and go to skins in skins you will see two bars in the first bar pick firestorm on the second bar pick grey and then after your done with that restart your viewer. 2. If the last option didn’t work the just disable your advanced lighting model for that go to graphic and you shall be able to see it right away under your graphics scale. 3. The last option would be that if you have a AMD graphics card either internal or external both are fine. What you would do is download and install the AMD software after that you don’t have to do anything in the AMD soft
  4. So at first I was just exploring a club that I was interested in working at and I started lagging and since that always happens I just let the viewer rest for a while and when I came back to the firestorm viewer it was blue........ now, i had this problem before so I didn’t start to panic right away, what I did the other time was that I just went to preferences / skins and I just picked the default options for skins and it was all good but when I tried that this time it did not work I tried using other viewers but did not work so I’m now re installing firestorm and trying some options that I r
  5. Hey, I’m new in second life and I’ve been looking for a job to earn lindens and make a life in second life and just have fun. I can work as an assistant, dancer, and a staff or a bar tender. If your hiring pls leave a text down below. I can only work from 4-7pm, I’m 19, and I’ve never had any kind of experience in second life as non of these things but I would appreciate if you would give me a chance. Thx
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