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  1. This might be an odd question. It might just be some normal feature to Second life. I find I can make literally anything I want in Blender. Anything at all. It always renders out fine. Preview for upload, always looks fine. Upload and rez the object, and there is always some area that is invisible. I understand there is an issue with physics where it often makes invisible walls, etc, but my issue is opposite. I found sort of a work around. I'll try to guess where the invisible area will be, and try to make that area as small as possible. But why is it doing that? Why can I see a textured objec
  2. 32 prims, actually. I just discovered that myself. In that case it actually tells you what you did wrong. It turned out that a simple mesh object I made in Blender took up less "cost", as it gripped about, and was more likely to work. Still you must watch where you attach your coffee cup, ice chest, and fishing pole when playing on your boat, but indeed it does work.
  3. Thanks for that. That actually put me miles ahead of where I was. Yep. I can add objects to a "test vehicle", take the vehicle, and drop it back inworld without it falling apart or script errors. That also prompted me to look into limitations. I appreciate you both for the help.
  4. Please don't kill me if this is some sort of taboo subject. I noticed the there isn't even a hint of how this works anywhere here or online. But I just wanted to test how the virtual world works. More than once I accidentally attached objects to a boat. No big deal. Just delete the boat rez another one. But I noticed people have actually change things on there boats, so I tested it. I made boxes, spheres, toruses. Attached to different places. Attached to different vehicles. Took vehicles apart and put them back together. All the same result. Scripts don't work, and parts fly off. But why? Don
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