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  1. This is a really clear and thorough answer, thank you for taking the time to write it out. It's very helpful. Especially about where to look for photographers.
  2. More experimenting...today, I am exploring EEP settings and the effect on lighting/colours. Also new brows and eyes which I really like. : )
  3. I'm not sure what you mean? I haven't found any photographers. I was thinking of a full body front view, a close-up portrait, and maybe an action shot. So three images altogether. Is that really too ambitious? EDIT: Oh wait, I see what you mean. I found exactly 1 person so far and I like to have options. I was being vague about the amount of people so as to not be asked directly why I didn't want to work with one specific person. Nothing against them, I just like options. Every photographer is different.
  4. I'm pretty new to secondlife and was considering hiring a photographer to get some photos of my avatar - namely some reference photos so I can draw art of them without having to fire up the game every time for references. I've found a couple of people and see that they offer things like profile photos, wedding photography, portraits, etc. but I'm not quite sure what category this would fall under. Namely, I was wondering, what's a general price point for high quality (meaning good photo+editing skills) professional photography in SL? I don't want to approach an artist and not even have remotely enough to pay, nor do I wanna end up paying too much. Obviously, the price will be different depending on the artist and quality, but having a ballpark number to save up would be much appreciated. Secondly, if you have any recommendations (or are a photographer yourself), I would appreciate them. It's been kinda hard for me to find them, I've used different search engines and terms with few results. Thank you in advance!
  5. I think this body is much too expensive for no clothes and not offering anything new. That being said, it always seems like a chicken or egg scenario... No one wears the body because there are no clothes for it, no one makes clothes for the new body because nobody is wearing it. So it makes new bodies hard to breakout into the MP. What I would really like is more body diveristy, if people are gonna make new HQ bodies. And of course, clothes for those bodies becoming more popular. I know there are two overweight avatars, but they're both called... *sighs* "Piggu", which is not very nice if you just want an avatar that looks like yourself IRL. The Vivendi body's size options are nice without a mean name, but I have yet to see any clothing that supports it. Would also love more masculine female bodies and more feminine male bodies. Yeah, I know the Maitreya Lara has the V-Tech option and that's what I'm using! But not as many skin and clothing options still. :C I know exactly why they aren't more popular, but still... I Yearn...
  6. My first time working with colour & lighting editing at the same time, I've got a lot to learn. I regret keeping on Kensho's Burning Heart because it ended up messing with the lighting and made editing harder lol 😅 Lesson learned.
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