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  1. MY other got a ON Pier in Land hO , When id used the OW option , my last try and live chat wont give me back my try god i feel childish theres a few stops ive been trying days for
  2. if thats the one you like its a good catch , if you like the on land exotic jungle garden those are what you like depends on the person
  3. ive one try left ill wait till the release later then in the confusion ill get one
  4. Are we certain all of Gannet rock was released ive used up so many tries today and never got 1, most of them are empty
  5. Why is the map so fleeting on my phone? I can't even see where my house is. So annoyong
  6. I got one on water. I'll not be back from work for hours 😂
  7. i gave up bought land to build my festive house on , just why were the stilts even shown to us so far from any sniff of release ? like the whole of 2020 ,just gives me the creeps ((( nnnoooo I clearly meant EEPPPS !! thank the Gods my prayers have been answered , thank you Patch Linden )))
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